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Heat things up with these 5 natural aphrodisiac foods

A photo of two bowls seen from above, topped with aphrodisiac foods including strawberry slices and goji berries

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Time for some creativity and a little spice. Add a special touch to your Valentine’s dinner for your special someone with these 5 sexy superfoods and some tips for preparing them. They say the way to the heart is through the stomach. Give your love life a boost just with food? What have you got to lose?

What is an aphrodisiac?

The word aphrodisiac comes from the Greek and means the pleasure of love. The term is derived from the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and eternal youth, Aphrodite. Aphrodisiac foods include certain foods with active ingredients that are purported to increase libido and stimulate the sensation of pleasure. Many active ingredients were discovered by indigenous peoples such as the Aztecs and Mayans and are firmly interwoven with the history of romance.

Worldwide, more than 500 different substances are said to have a desire-enhancing effect. Although there is no scientific evidence of their effect, many foods or spices are associated with this effect thanks to their taste, smell, or appearance. We’ll just have to taste our way through all of them to figure out which gets us into the mood!

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What are the effects of aphrodisiac foods?

Stimulating, invigorating, delicious. These foods have aphrodisiac qualities, stimulate the libido, and increase the sense of pleasure. As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’ve rounded up 5 superfoods for a Valentine’s dinner with an extra touch of thrill. Food to help you feel good – in all kinds of ways!

Natural aphrodisiacs: Our top 5 foods

No. 1: Pomegranate

Crisp, fresh and delicious: pomegranate seeds. The pomegranate tree was the favorite tree of Aphrodite. Its fruit is still considered a symbol of fertility. Pomegranate seeds not only look delicious, but are also high in phytoestrogens, which are structurally similar to estrogen, one of the body’s sex hormones. Its effect on sexual desire in men and women is the subject of research.

Preparation tip

On crunchy lettuce, over low-carb spaghetti, as a topping for a cocoa mousse, or as freshly squeezed juice. Pomegranates look chic and add an explosive touch to your meal with a fresh bite and energy. Or try a few sips of pomegranate juice!

One pomegranate split down the middle sits in front of two whole pomegranates. The seeds of the open pomegranate look deep red, glistening, and delicious.

No. 2: Goji Berries

The beloved fruit of East Asia. Although there is no proof of the stimulating effect of goji berries, Asian lore swears by the small red berry as a powerful libido-enhancing tonic that simultaneously lightens the mood, can increase sexual desire, and relaxes the body. We think it’s worth trying out.

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Preparation tip

Use as a topping on salads and soups, in chia pudding, as a snack, or in a fresh power smoothie.

A wooden spoon holds dried goji berries, which are purported to be aphrodisiac foods

No. 3: Cocoa

Cacao in all forms has always been a symbol of romance – not to mention the subject of tons of experts’ studies (the tastiest kind, we’re sure!) For its phenylethylamine alone to make you happy, you’d have to eat more dark chocolate than is good for you. But it’s the whole experience that counts. The feeling of chocolate melting on your tongue, the positive associations it induces, and the healthy ingredients of raw cacao can contribute to the release of more happiness hormones.

Preparation Tip

Always go for the raw option if you can. Cacao in its raw form contains the most natural ingredients and is often less sweetened than the highly processed versions. Raw cacao nibs make brownies crunchy and are a sensory addition to any desserts.

Mixed in a blender with almond milk, water, coconut sugar, and maca powder, you can create your own raw cacao. Add the goji berries as a topping and you’re ready to go!



No. 4: Maca

Maca root is best known as a superfood powder. Originally from the Peruvian Andes, it is described by naturopaths as one of the strongest aphrodisiacs that also gives strength, energy, and stamina. This effect is attributed, among other things, to the sterols it contains, which are similar to the hormone testosterone. It’s a must to boost your Valentine’s experience!

Preparation tip

Since this superfood tastes quite bitter on its own, it’s best to use it in a recipe. For example, mix it with raw cacao, milk, and goji berries for a hot cocoa; stir it into your muesli; or use it as an ingredient for a smoothie or even a savory soup.

A glass of white smoothie sits next to a white spoonful of maca powder on a wooden surface

No. 5: Almonds

Almonds have always been considered a symbol of fertility. They contain a lot of vitamin E, fiber, and healthy fats that provide energy. And that, after all, is the basic requirement for a successful evening. You know what we mean.

Preparation tip

There are more than enough options here. Almond milk in a smoothie, almond butter as a sauce base or on bread, almond milk and cocoa, almonds on a salad, almonds as a crunchy addition to vegetable dishes… Almonds go with almost everything. Let your imagination run wild.

Two glass pitchers of white almond milk surrounded by almonds

What are you into?

What’s your favorite aphrodisiac recipe? Share your favorites with us on facebook and Instagram or leave a comment below the article.

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