While completing her studies in ecotrophology, Alisa spent all her time in lecture halls and labs learning about everything the body needs at a physiological, psychological and social level to stay healthy and high-performance.

Her favorite subjects were metabolism and nutrition psychology. That’s what motivates Alisa when she writes articles about how nutrition is taken, converted and stored as energy. She can tell you exactly what happens when you snack on a banana. She can explain exactly how to supply your body with vitamins and nutrients using only fresh foods, rather than strict rules.

“Every person is an individual. The everyday heroes have different nutritional needs than professional athletes. It’s important to find out what does your body good and that works best by trying different things out. Shopping and cooking are a natural part of that process for me.”

Alisa’s articles are all about making complex processes easier for everyone to understand. It’s a step towards helping you find a nutritional style that keeps you perfectly satisfied. When Alisa’s not tickling the ivories of her keyboard, she slips into her running shoes or rolls out her yoga mat. She knows that a good workout stimulates the nervous system and can make you just as happy as good food can!


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