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Blue Monday – Getting through the most depressing day of the year

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You don’t love Mondays in general, but is today particularly bad? Is today Blue Monday? Why yes. It’s the day which has been calculated to be the most depressing day of the year. That explains a lot!

What is Blue Monday?

As the psychologist Cliff Arnall figured out in 2005, the day we call “Blue Monday” is the most depressing day of the year. In order to calculate this exact date, he thought up various factors to take into account, such as sticking to (or abandoning) New Year’s resolutions, gloomy weather, post-holiday financial stress, and lack of motivation. So when is Blue Monday, exactly?

With these factors in mind, Arnall calculated that this bluest day always falls on the third Monday in January. So if you find that people are in a particularly bad mood on this day, then don’t worry – it’s not about you. Once we weather the stormy day, things tend to look up for everyone.

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Monday blues

Regardless of the season, Monday morning always comes around to ruin a good mood. After an all-too-short weekend, our alarm always rings a little too early, and we get ourselves to work grumpy and tired, wishing Monday would be over already. This phenomenon is called the Monday Blues.

Seasonal depression

It’s especially difficult to get out of our warm, cozy beds when it’s dark and cold out. Some fall into a real depression this time of year in part due to the fewer hours of sunlight. Among other things, the constant darkness leads to significantly lower Vitamin D levels.
In order to ensure you are getting enough vitamins, it’s recommended you get in at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

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Monday motivation

It’s not Monday’s fault that it causes so much trouble. One American research study found that Mondays are nearly tied with Tuesday for the most productive day of the week. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Blue Monday, the Monday blues, or season depression, with these six tips, you can survive any low:

Relax on Sunday

What you do on the weekend matters, so instead of running at full throttle for 48 hours, give yourself a little time to take it easy. Avoid long nights in front of your screens. Instead, give yourself some time to read, or relax with an episode of your favorite podcast. Have a cup of tea and unwind.

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Create anticipation

The anticipation of something can literally catapult us out of bed. So why not treat Monday that way? Schedule a lunch date with a colleague you’d like to know a little better. Find some fresh flowers to keep on your desk. Or cook your Monday lunch the night before to make planning for the day a little easier when you get up.

Stop hitting snooze 

It might seem like a great idea to get 5, 10, or 20 minutes more of sleep. But this extra time in bed can actually work against you if you’re pounding back your coffee hectically rushing out the door. If you have trouble getting out of bed, turn on the light right away or put your alarm on the other side of your bedroom –– then, you’ll have no choice but to stand up.

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Structure your day first thing in the morning

Planning your workday can be motivating. By creating, for example, a to-do list, you can cross out individual items and see exactly all you’ve already accomplished. Even writing down small tasks like checking the mail will help you stay on task and excited.

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Take enough breaks

Even when you have a ton of work to do, you should make an effort to give yourself enough break time. If you work at a computer, your eyes need a break from the screen every now and then. Looking out of the window for a few minutes every so often is enough.

Boost your circulation

Try to break up the long hours you sit at work. Sitting and looking at a screen for hours at a time can make you tired and listless. Standing up every so often to stretch your legs or taking the stairs instead of the elevator can boost your circulation and keep you awake and alert.


  • Blue Monday is the most depressing day of the year, and always falls on the third Monday of January
  • Winter is long and dark for everyone. Make sure you’re eating right with plenty of fruits and vegetables to maintain balanced vitamin levels
  • Plan something nice for Mondays and it’ll be easier to look forward to them!
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