Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bar

Protein Bars the easy way!

Goal muscle_building
Total time 10 mins
Difficulty Easy
Nutritional value (per portion)
kcal 58
Protein 8 g
Fat 2 g
Ingredients …

4 Persons

You will need

30 g Whey Protein Vanilla
Whey Protein Vanilla
Whey Protein Vanilla
The highest-quality protein from pasture-raised, grass-fed cows.
2 tsp Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter
The delicious protein snack
1 tsp honey
1 tsp chocolate chips
1 tsp desiccated coconut
2 tsp water

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bar

Protein Bars the easy way!

Recipe Development & Content Editor
Candy is an ecotrophologist and manages the entire recipe section of our magazine. Her expertise and her experience means she knows exactly how to create recipes that are both tasty and healthy.
An easy, no-bake bar! This chocolate chip cookie dough protein bar makes the perfect snack for the day of your workout, and afterwards, too.


  • Add all the ingredients except the water into a bowl and mix very well.
  • Add a teaspoon of water to it and mix together. If the dough is too dry at this stage, simply add the other teaspoon of water. If the dough is too wet, then add some more desiccated coconut.
  • When the dough is at the right consistency and no longer sticks to your fingers, shape it into four small bars.
  • To finish, place the bars into the fridge for approx. 3 hours to cool.
  • Enjoy!
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