Green smoothie

Rich in nutrients for more vitality

Grüner Smoothie
Goal shape
Total time 5 mins
Difficulty Easy
Nutritional value (per portion)
kcal 228
Protein 3 g
Fat 3 g
Ingredients …

1 Person

You will need

1 banana
1 apple
50 g spinach
0.5 tsp linseed oil or Organic Coconut Oil by foodspring
100 ml apple juice (depending on preference and consistency)
100 ml water (depending on preference and consistency)

Green smoothie

Rich in nutrients for more vitality

Recipe Development & Content Editor
Candy is an ecotrophologist and manages the entire recipe section of our magazine. Her expertise and her experience means she knows exactly how to create recipes that are both tasty and healthy.
Green smoothies make a healthy, quick and easy snack, and taste great too. The blend of fruit, green vegetables and water delivers highly concentrated nutrients in their most natural form, making it a breeze to hit your recommended daily intake of 5 helpings of fruit and veg a day.


  • Put all the ingredients into a blender with 50 ml water and blend well.
  • Add more water or apple juice depending on preference and consistency.
  • Your nutritious shake is ready.
  • Enjoy!


Enjoy this smoothie with ice cubes on hot days.
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