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10 Good Reasons To Skip Your Workout !

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Let’s be real. We all spend too much time looking for reasons not to exercise. Sometimes they’re good reasons, like sickness or important appointments. And sometimes they’re not. Sometimes all you need is an excuse that’ll make you feel better. And that’s ok!

We’ve put together our all-time top excuses in this convenient list. Any time you run out of reasons to avoid the gym, just come back here, and you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for any occasion.

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Excuse #1: It’s raining

Some days it’s really nasty outside and even the thought of leaving the house sends chills down your spine. Which is, of course, why it’s the perfect reason to skip your workout. You’re definitely not going to go for a jog in the rain. And you know what? You’re also not going to do a home workout, because the weather is so bad just being near a window is awful. So all things considered, not even yoga or a HIIT workout is a good idea.

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Excuse #2: It’s sunny

Other days the weather is too nice. You’ve got to enjoy the warm rays of the sun while you can, so sweating away in a stuffy gym is a terrible idea. And of course there’s no way you’re going to make the city your gym. Good weather is not a great excuse to add some variety to your routine and get into outdoor workouts. Who cares about the opportunity for fresh air, filling up on vitamin D, getting creative, and stimulating your muscles in new ways.

Excuse #3: It’s your dog’s birthday

This is clearly a very important day. Pets play a huge role in our lives and have a positive impact on our well-being. A Miami University study even showed that owning a pet can make you more confident, physically fit, and relaxed. And with all of the benefits it has brought to your life, don’t you think your pet will be mad at you if you ignore it and do something for your physical health on their birthday! Even if you feed it treats and give it cuddles after your workout, don’t let those brief moments of happiness fool you!

Excuse #4: Had a rough day

Your workday was long and stressful. You’re tired, and exercise is the last thing on your mind. This is definitely not the moment your body needs exercise to recharge its batteries. Exercise won’t help you clear your head and leave the stress of everyday life behind. So reaching for a dumbbell instead of the remote control now is the worst thing you could do. Because there’s obviously no such thing as stress relief through exercise.

Excuse #5: Your couch will miss you

A perfect evening for you means melting into your couch while watching your favorite series? Even though everyone dismisses it as a habit, that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Your evening would look very different, and worse, if you decided to work out. Especially if you decided to pick certain days of the week to do your workout, like Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you were to do your workout on those days, over time, it could even develop into a new habit and your evening workouts will become second nature. And then where would your couch be?!

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Excuse #6: Oh no, “a cramp”

It’s over, any cramp means no working out for you! It’s not worth getting more specific and finding out what’s causing the cramp, where it’s coming from, and how serious it is. Because if you have an injury, you’ll have to go get checked out by a doctor, and no one wants that! And even if it is nothing more than tension, it’s not going to be helped by targeted stretches or a good warm-up. And it is also not an option to just work around it and avoid a pulled hamstring by, for example, doing an upper body workout.

Excuse #7: Still “have to do” something

Working, shopping, cooking. Your day is packed with to-dos. That doesn’t leave any time left for exercise! This excuse is one of the most common, and for good reason. It’s always true! Something always comes up. Doesn’t matter if you set your priorities differently and decide how important your workout is to you. Finding your why also won’t help. Because there’s no way knowing your goal will make it easier to prioritize your workout.

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Excuse #8: You’ll get started Monday

Starting Monday, everything will be different. You’ll eat healthy, take a walk every day, and start working out. And you’ve told yourself that every day (except Monday), so why wouldn’t it be true? Yep, it’s definitely a fact. And it won’t change if you just do it now and start small. It isn’t always the right time, and you can’t start today by going for a walk on your lunch break. Or by taking 15 minutes for an ab workout.

Excuse #9: Today is just not your day

Everything has gone wrong today. The weather is bad, your project at work is stalled, and your mood is at rock bottom. Working out is out of the question! Exercise is not a great mood booster. And it’s not the time to create a playlist with your favorite songs to help you get going. And the endorphins from exercising won’t lift your mood at all!

Excuse #10: Your muscles are still sore

Muscles still sore from your last workout? Then you’d better give your whole body a rest day! Don’t do anything! Because an active recovery day absolutely won’t stimulate blood flow or relieve sore muscles. A light cardio session, some stretching, or a walk are all just terrible ideas right now.

There’s another thing that won’t help at all: mixing up a serving of our Recovery Aminos, with their mix of essential amino acids and quickly-available carbs, right after your workout.

Wait a sec… of course it will! Happy April Fool’s from your friends at foodspring !

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