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Workout Essentials That You Need In Your Gym Bag

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We’ve all been there: You get to the gym, you’re super pumped to work out, and suddenly you remember that you forgot your towel. Or your water bottle. Or even your gym shoes. Even the most experienced gym rats have days when something gets lost in the shuffle. And while we can’t promise that you’ll never forget anything ever again… a glance at this handy list of gym bag essentials before you head out the door can tip the balance in your favor.

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#1 Towel

Got a sweaty cardio session or strength workout on your schedule today? Or maybe you want to join a fitness class? For all three options, towels are absolute gym bag essentials. A towel’s what you need to keep the equipment and mats sweat-free. Even when you use a towel, remember you’ll still need to spray the equipment you used with disinfectant once you’re done to get rid of any bacteria that snuck through. And don’t forget a fresh one if you’re planning to shower at the gym!

#2 Shaker

Want to mix a protein shake right after your workout? A good shaker is always top on any gym bag essentials list. Our Shaker is lightweight, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe. Plus, it doubles as a screw-top container to conveniently store your protein powder or other supplements to take with you wherever you go.

It’s also important to stay hydrated during your workout. You may know this already: Dehydration has a negative impact on your performance. Make sure to keep a shaker or a water bottle in arm’s reach. How much should you drink? That depends on the intensity of your workout: the more strenuous the workout, the more water you lose. Read up on hydration and why it’s important in our article on dehydration. 

#3 Energy Aminos – The Pre-Workout Drink For Your Gym Bag Essentials

Your shaker is already ready to go, so no reason not to use it for a pre-workout drink! Because, let’s face it, no one is always super motivated before every workout. We all have those days when we’re too tired or just don’t feel like pushing ourselves through another session. But that’s no reason to give up! Our Energy Aminos give you the perfect blend of vegan BCAAs, caffeine, and vitamins. So you get the boost of energy you need to rock your workout.

A canister of Energy Aminos stands on a small white pedestal next to a highball glass full of bright orange amino drink, one of our gym bag essentials

#4 Mask

It’s a good idea to keep a face covering or medical-grade mask in your bag wherever you go. With public health regulations changing all the time, different spaces with different rules, and sometimes just wanting to be polite in cramped areas, you never know when it might come in handy!

#5 Membership card

Stop us if this sounds familiar. You’re standing in front of the door at the gym and realize that you forgot your membership card. Of course, the staff will usually still let you in once you’ve identified yourself some other way, but it’s still annoying and a waste of time. Save yourself (and everyone else) some stress and just keep your membership card in your gym bag.

#6 Headphones

What really gets you in the mood to work out? If you’re anything like us, there’s nothing better than the right playlist! Music affects your athletic performance and can be a reliable mood booster and motivator. Keep a pair of headphones on your list of gym bag essentials and you’ve got another secret weapon to boost your workouts.

#7 Workout clothes

It’s a no-brainer, but we’ve been there too – forgetting your workout clothes, the most basic of gym bag essentials! Your workout outfit should be light and functional and make you feel comfortable. Make sure your sports bra is packed if you wear one. Of course, if you’re already going to the gym in your workout clothes, then this item is already checked off. But still – don’t forget to pack your gym shoes!

#8 Gym gloves

Wondering how to optimize your weight training? Add some gym gloves! These gym bag essentials can be a real help, especially when you’re using heavy barbells and dumbbells. Tougher sets mean more sweat, and that makes it more likely for free weights to slip out of your hands, increasing your risk of injury. On top of that, it just feels better to train with gloves: they eliminate the rough, burning sensation of the weights’ handles on your hands and can prevent calluses. Longer glove designs also give your wrists some additional support during your reps.

Remember to add any other equipment you need for any given day’s workout, like pulling aids or resistance bands, depending on what’s on your plan.

#9 Recovery Aminos – Your Post-Workout Gym Bag Essentials Drink

Did you know that the time after you’ve finished working out is just as important as your workout itself? The recovery phase is when your body goes about regenerating your muscles, and it begins right after your workout. That’s why it’s a good idea to do some light cycling or give yourself a massage with a fascia roller after your workout. What else can you do to boost your recovery? Shake up some of our Recovery Aminos in the locker room! They combine essential amino acids with fast acting carbs. Just what your body deserves after a hard workout!

#10 Protein Snacks To Go

Starving after your work out and need something to snack on right away? Or still have a few things to do before you can treat yourself to a full, balanced meal? Then our protein snacks, like our Extra Chocolate Protein Bar, deserve a place in your gym bag. Our Protein Bars provide you with around 20g protein per bar, paired with a serving of fiber, and all of that without any added sugar. They’re convenient and delicious!

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