The Best-Ever Healthy Christmas Cookie Recipes

From cookies to sufganiyot to fudge to more cookies! There's guaranteed to be something for every single sweet tooth on our list.
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What’s Christmas without spiced almonds, sugary fruitcake, or a chocolate-packed Advent calendar? We absolutely believe in allowing for some extra enjoyment at this time of year, and no guilt allowed. But there’s really so many ways to enjoy without all the calories you’re used to. Choose your battles! Some winter treats just can’t be replaced. But for others, who knows? Maybe our lower-sugar healthy Christmas cookies will even win over the staunchest sugar-holics in your family. There’s no way to know if you don’t try.

We spent the lead-up to December making all kinds of fabulous healthy Christmas cookies and Hanukkah donuts and general wintry delights. Just so we could share them with you in time to get your cookie on. They’re packed with healthy ingredients, the best protein out there, and tons of love that you can pass on. So preheat those ovens, pick out your favorite recipes, and get ready for a cozy evening of baking! Whether you’ve got your dearest ones next to you, or are waving at them through your camera: Celebrate however you feel safest.

Looking for another great read? More wintertime inspiration is just ahead. We’ve gathered up 15 simple steps to make the most of the holiday season!

PS: Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, we’ve got something in here for you. Looking for a Hanukkah treat? Scroll on down. Just want some wintry sweets? Enjoy without a second thought. Cookies are for everyone.

Our 22 Best Healthy Christmas Cookies

#1 Almond & Pistachio Crescent Cookies

Simple almond crescent cookies coated with festive green flecks of chopped pistachio. The flavour of the coconut oil works in harmony with the other nuts in this Christmas biscuit. They’re perfect for eating alongside a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Biscotti mezzaluna al pistacchio e mandorle

#2 Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Biscotti

The perfect biscuit to dip into coffee, these chocolate hazelnut protein biscotti are a delicious way to get your chocolate fix. With chunks of crunchy hazelnuts and chocolate whey protein for that perfect flavour combination that we know and love! If you prefer them thinner, slice into 5mm thick biscuits for a crispier result.
chocolate hazelnut protein biscotti on a plate with a cup of coffee

#3 Protein Ricciarelli

A soft, chewy cookie made from almonds and egg whites flavoured with a hint of orange zest, lemon zest and almond extract. In these protein ricciarelli, we mix in whey protein which adds a subtle vanilla flavour. A mixture of whey protein and icing sugar is used to dust the biscuit dough which stops it sticking to your hands as you shape the cookies into ovals. A final dusting once the ricciarelli are baked gives them a snowy appearance making them perfect for serving at Christmas celebrations.
Protein ricciarelli

#4 Walnut Marzipan Cookies

Marzipan + chocolate = love at first sight! Add some crunchy walnuts and sweet apricot jam and it’s a match made in heaven. Our walnut marzipan cookies are a true treat for the tastebuds.

A fivesome of toothsome chocolate-covered walnut marzipan cookies, each topped with its own lovely walnut, sits on a concrete tabletop, accented by a honey-colored concrete round.

#5 Chocolate Orange Cookies

If you’ve always dreamed of your very own Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment… these vegan chocolate orange cookies are just what you’re looking for. Chic and minimalist, these beauties transform any coffee break into a one-of-a-kind experience.

A pair of white hands holds an espresso in one hand and a chocolate-dipped orange cookie in the other, just above the espresso as if about to dip it in. The rest of the batch of cookies sits on a salmon-colored plate nearby.

#6 Vegan Matcha Window Cookies

​​Evergreen, vegan cookies filled with a homemade sugar-free raspberry chia jam will make your kitchen shine this winter. These healthy Christmas cookies are a treat for the eyes and the tongue.

On a beige plate sit three matcha-dusted window cookies, filled with a raspberry jam. The jar of remaining raspberry jam sits on the plate next to the cookies.

#7 Nutty Low Carb Cookies

Looking for easy Christmas cookies that you can’t go wrong with? Here they are. Ring in the season with these low carb cookies! They’re extremely easy to make, we promise. And the best part is dipping them in our Protein Cream. You definitely don’t want to skip this step – the flavor is so worth it.

A sky-blue plate of nutty low-carb cookies, shaped like stars and halfway dipped into chocolate-colored Protein Cream. The plate sits on a marble countertop with a few token Christmas tree decorations to the left side of it.

#8 Gingerbread Cookies

Aren’t gingerbread cookies the cutest? Plus, they taste as sweet as they look. They’re soft and perfectly spiced. We have an easy recipe for healthier gingerbread cookies that cuts down on the sugar. Our irresistible hazelnut Protein Cream is a delicious glaze for this cookie. All in all, a totally delicious, creamy winter delight.

A handful of adorable gingerbread people, decorated with piped white icing, lie on a marble countertop next to an open jar of Protein Cream.

#9 Marzipan Sugar Cookies

It’s hard to imagine winter without sugar cookies! Not to worry – you don’t have to abstain, because we have a healthier recipe ready for you. Try any flavor you like of our Whey Protein to switch things up a bit.

A well-used metal cookie sheet holds a batch of marzipan cookies. Some are dusted with powdered sugar, some are washed with egg yolk, and some are left plain. A sugar sifter sits next to the cookie sheet with leftover powdered sugar inside it.

#10 3-Ingredient Chocolate Cookies

These chocolate cookies go from zero to oven-ready in a snap. Plus, you only need 3 ingredients to get the baking started. The result? Soft, sweet, chocolatey cookies: the perfect healthy snack for any time you need a boost. And they’re fully plant-based.

3-Ingredient Chocolate Cookies in a stack next to a few fresh cranberries, some whole and some expertly halved.

#11 Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Our pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are soft on the inside and taste nice and nutty thanks to the addition of Organic Peanut Butter. Make these little snippets of cozy at home and wash them down with a glass of your favorite milk. Who says you can’t have pumpkin in your healthy Christmas cookies?

A long, narrow plate with a row of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies on top stands next to a wedge of sunshine squash, a jar of foodspring organic peanut bitter, and a glass of milk.

#12 Chocolate Hazelnut Crescents

This year, we’ve given classic vanilla crescents a nutty, rich update. The result: crunchy chocolate hazelnut crescents. Irresistible! Once you’ve tasted the first of these healthy Christmas cookies, you just can’t stop eating them!

A white plate of chocolate hazelnut crescents covered in a brown cocoa powder-powdered sugar mix

#13 Healthy Chocolate Window Cookies

These cute window cookies hide a delicious surprise inside:  our dreamy Protein Cream. What’s not hiding in this Christmas cookie recipe, however, is tons of added sugar. In case that wasn’t enough to convince you… oh, did we mention they’re gluten-free?

A beige plate holds a selection of Protein Cream-filled chocolate window cookies. Some are left plain and some are dusted with powdered sugar. A sprig of pine peeks into the corner of the photo.

#14 Lemon Poppyseed Cookies

Lemony-fresh and undeniably delicious. What makes this recipe particularly fabulous: You can use it as a base recipe for your own favorite cookie flavors. Try these lemon poppyseed cookies with any kind of Whey Protein powder. It’ll be worth it! May we suggest strawberries to start out with?

A black cooling rack holds four light golden lemon poppyseed cookies and a stack of three next to those. Surrounding the cooling rack are lemons, a zester, two eggs, a bowl of poppyseeds, and a bowl of brown sugar.

#15 Salted Caramel Filled Donuts

Jelly donuts, also known as sufganiyot in Hebrew, are one of our favorite Hanukkah treats. While the holiday’s over for this year, nothing’s stopping you from celebrating after the fact! Or tuck away this recipe for 2022, when the Festival of Lights falls near the end of December again. We fill these lovelies with our super decadent salted caramel or hazelnut Protein Cream. Play a few rounds of dreidel while these comforting beauties rise, then enjoy them by the flickering light of your candles as the stars come out.

A white ceramic loaf pan holds a golden-brown batch of salted caramel protein donuts, each popping out a tiny puff of salted-caramel frosting filling and dusted with sugar.

#16 Vegan Chocolate Chai Truffles

We’ve always got a couple of extra snacks around at home in case we get unexpected visitors. For anyone who’s had just about enough of this healthy Christmas cookies stuff: Here you go! Treat yourself! Spoil them with a batch of spiced chocolate chai truffles. They’re healthy, too. Natch.

A plate of chocolate chai truffles dusted with cocoa powder sits next to a jar of Protein Cream

#17 Banana Low-Carb Cookies

These simple cookies are the perfect accompaniment to have on hand for teatime. And it’s always a great time to use up some bananas!

a bowl of Banana Low-Carb Cookies with a few banana slices in the background

#18 Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Fudge

Hey, pumpkin season isn’t just for fall. These gourds of brightness are in perfect shape all winter long. Make the most of the cozy spices with this amazing fudge. Nuts give it an unbelievable creaminess. Who can resist a lovely bit of fudge?

A piece of pumpkin chocolate fudge drizzled with chocolate

#19 Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

Getting through the winter without peanut butter would be an absolute slog. We won’t hear of it. Upgrade your recipe box with these dreamy chocolate peanut butter sandwich healthy Christmas cookies!

A white plate holds two chocolate peanut butter sandwich cookies with a golden spoon dripping peanut butter sitting next to them. A few cookie halves, not yet assembled, are arranged nearby.

#20 Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies

Not only is pistachio butter super creamy – it’s also slightly sweet. It’s a can’t-miss for sweet creations, and turns these thumbprint healthy Christmas cookies into an absolute highlight for your winter baking.

A batch of chocolatey pistachio thumbprint cookies sit in a square lineup. The healthy Christmas cookies are interrupted by a jar of foodspring's Coconut Oil in their midst. Some cookies are decorated with chopped pistachios alongside the pistachio butter; some are left plain.

#21 Low Carb Vanilla Croissants

Don’t want to miss out on sweet treats, but want to keep it low-carb? Perfect! Enjoy these healthy Christmas cookies, a German tradition, with our recipe for low-carb vanilla croissants. And they’ve even got an extra dash of protein.

A close-up of two powdered-sugar-dusted low-carb vanilla crescent cookies on a white cloth background.

#22 Vegan Protein Chocolate Cookies

You asked for a vegan Protein Cream for so long, and now it’s here! To celebrate, we whipped up a very special, very chocolatey recipe for healthy Christmas cookies. It’s the perfect way to round off this roundup. Crispy, rich, chocolatey, and creamy on the inside – who can resist?

A plate of vegan protein chocolate cookies filled with Vegan Protein Cream

And that’s it. Those are our amazing tips. Whatever you celebrate – or don’t – take the chance to sweeten up these dark days with a baked treat. We could all use the extra sweetness right now.

#23 Coconut Matcha Cookies

Miss decorating your cookies as a kid? Us too! But now that we’re grown-ups, we steer clear of the artificial food coloring and frosting. From now on, we’re decorating our cookies naturally – like using matcha in our recipe for perfect, festive green pine trees.

A deep teal plate of grassy-green, pine-tree-shaped coconut matcha cookies decorated with drizzles of chocolate and some white round sprinkles

#24 Vegan Florentine Cookies

Crispy, chocolatey, and nutty: These vegan Florentine cookies give you everything you could need in a cookie. And every single guest at your house can enjoy them! They are vegan, low in sugar, and gluten-free.

A white hand reaches for a square-shaped vegan Florentine cookie, half dipped in chocolate, from a selection of Christmas cookies on a white cutting board.

#25 Vegan Nut Corners

When the oven’s working overtime on wintry cookies, we make sure to have a good balance of crispy, filled, and softer baked goodies. These German nut corners always make the list. It’s up to you whether to slice them into single servings, or keep the batch whole and serve it as a nut cake, accompanied by a warm chai latte!

A concrete slab holds a serving of vegan nut corners in rich brown, accompanied by a bowl of hazelnuts and a canister of Hazelnut Flavor Kick.

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