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Just Nuts – that’s all you need in a nut spread!

Just Nuts Aufstriche stehen auf dem Tisch neben Pancakes und Obst
By: Kristina Lauer

Are you trying to be a more conscious consumer? More aware of what you eat? Do you dream of a delicious product with no additives, made from certified organic ingredients, and packed with a pop of plant power? Simple, clean, and just delicious? Your wish is our command. May we introduce to you our newest creation: Just Nuts! It’s a nutty, organic, sweet nut spread in two delicious flavors: Just Cashews, Coconut & Date and Just Peanuts, Cocoa & Date. Check the ingredients: There’s nothing else to see. Just Nuts!

Keep it simple: unprocessed and natural

You are what you eat! That’s why it’s so crucial to be conscious of your nutrition. It forms the foundation of your physical and mental well-being. That’s the principle we used to guide us when we developed our Just Nuts spreads. Each one has a super short list of ingredients, all of which are organic. It’s everything you’ve been looking for!

Never heard of clean eating before? Let us explain. Following the motto of “less is more,” clean eating prioritizes unprocessed food, with no artificial additives or refined sugar. Clean eating means putting an emphasis on using fresh ingredients in their natural state. All to create a diet that’s balanced in carbs, fats, and proteins. None of the macronutrient groups should be left out: your body needs all of them to meet its needs. That, in turn, ensures you’re feeling and performing your best.

Our Tip: Want to try clean eating, but not sure how you’ll ever master the urges for packaged snacks? Have a look at our article on food cravings to find out why they hit and how to get on top of them! Or try a few of our meal prep ideas to make all your meals as clean as can be.

Prep your meals for 7 days

Look, we get it. The stress of everyday life can turn your healthy-eating goal into an enormous challenge – it happens to us, too. We want to make your path towards a healthier lifestyle as easy and delicious as possible. Our nut spreads in two delicious varieties: Just Cashews, Coconut & Date and Just Peanuts, Cocoa & Date make it a snap to combine everything you need: an amazing taste, conscious nutrition, and they’re a cinch to incorporate into your everyday. Getting curious? Get to know them both!

Just Cashews, Coconut & Dates

All good things come in threes. Our spread combines the best cashews, coconuts, and dates. Nothing more, nothing less! We’ve combined the mild, buttery-nutty aroma of cashews with dates’ natural sweetness, and added in a fresh note of coconut. This trio can’t be beat, whether it’s on bread, in your cooking, or straight from the spoon!

What made us choose exactly these three? Dates are nature’s sweetener. This snack from far away is packed with vitamins and minerals, making any sweet tooth go weak at the knees. Cashews are sources of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids and also contain magnesium and phosphorous. Coconut is not only the flavor of pure summer; it’s also got plenty of fiber. Only the best for your body, all in one jar!

Try Just Cashews, Coconut & Date

Just Peanuts, Cocoa & Dates

Only clean ingredients. Lovely peanuts, cocoa, and dates, with a pinch of sea salt. Nothing more to see here. Roasted peanuts make a symphony with the sweetness of dates, while the cocoa turns this snack into an absolute dream that’s dangerously moreish. Talk about an upgrade for all the peanut lovers out there!

By the way, peanuts aren’t only delicious; they’re absolutely a multitalent. They deliver proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, and fiber, and are rich in vitamins. Snacking has never been so clean!

Try Just Peanuts, Cocoa & Date

What makes our Just Nuts spreads so special?

The few ingredients are all organic-quality

Our goal was to support our foodspring family to be more conscious of what they eat. So our Just Nuts spreads have a transparent, super-short list of ingredients. There are no additives. The ingredients meet the organic quality standards and have earned the EU organic label. This means that we’ve guaranteed that our ingredients come from organic farming processes and are free of any genetic modification. It also makes it easy for you to trace the origins of your food.

100% plant-based

Plant-based eating isn’t just for vegans! If you want to eat more plant-based and weren’t sure how you’d make it without your morning spread – fret no longer. Both of our Just Nuts varieties are 100% vegan and ready to eat straight from the jar. It couldn’t be easier!

No Palm Oil

We have made a choice for the environment by steering clear of palm oil. All our spreads need are the cleanest ingredients. That is to say, Just Cashews, Coconut & Dates, or Just Peanuts, Cocoa & Dates!

High in fiber

The great thing about the unprocessed, natural ingredients we use for our nut spreads is their naturally high fiber content. Your body can’t break down fiber: not with enzymes, and not into its components, either. So it travels right through your system, without being digested. And it binds to water as a bulking and filling agent. This means that it takes more effort to chew and can have a positive effect on your digestion.

No added sugar*

Not in the mood for pure sugar? The magical ingredient that gives our nut spreads their irresistible sweetness is the date. They contain natural fructose. As compared to industrial sugar, fructose doesn’t spike your blood sugar so intensely. That makes dates a super alternative for conscious nutrition.

Our favorite recipes

Our Just Nuts spreads are so delicious that we won’t blame you if you never get farther than eating them straight out of the jar with a spoon. But they’re great in every kind of situation! Spread them on your bread, drizzle them over your bowls, use them in your baking or on your Sunday brunch pancakes. For more inspiration, just look at a few of our favorite recipes. The photos alone are enough to make our mouths water!

Creamy Protein Chocolate Porridge

Energy pralines for breakfast? Yes, please! We’ve topped our homemade chocolate coconut porridge with homemade coconut-cashew energy balls. They’re delicious and nutritious. What a way to start your day!

Kokos Porridge
Get the recipe

Vegan Protein Cookie Dough for snacking

We’ve never had an entire batch of cookie dough make it into the oven without a single nibble on the dough. If you’re like us, we’ve got a recipe that’s made to eat raw! So we’ve made two cookie doughs in one for you to eat with no need to bake at all. High-protein, extra creamy, and irresistibly delicious!

Veganer Protein Kecksteig
Spoon it up now

*contains naturally occurring sugars

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