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Don’t feel like working out? 11 fitness pros reveal their secret tips for more motivation.

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Having trouble finding the motivation to follow through with your workout, eat healthier in your everyday life, or put another plan into action? First, take some of the pressure off yourself! No one is super motivated every day. We think the real key to success is developing healthy habits. Because once you do something out of habit, it takes little to no effort on your part and you’ll follow through despite your lack of motivation. Of course, it takes time to develop them, but believe us, it’s worth it! Start with smaller habits and replace snacks like chocolate bars and chips with healthier alternatives like our Protein Cookie or Vegan Protein Bar.

Even professional athletes and fitness coaches experience a motivation slump from time to time. How do we know? We asked them! Here are some of their secret top tips for more motivation. Get ready to be inspired!

#1 @yasssemin Personal Trainer and Bodybuilder

“For me, it’s my well-being that’s the best motivator. I know that sitting in front of my laptop all day without some kind of compensating activity is not good for me mentally or physically. And sure, after a long day at work, you often don’t feel like working out. That’s why you have to PLAN! Write down exactly what you are going to do in your workout, and those specific plans will help you follow through. Going to the gym is always worth it. Because the good feeling you get afterwards is just unbeatable.”

#2 @gio_italfit Fitness Trainer

“I watch motivational videos and listen to podcasts about other people’s success stories, about how they’ve changed their lives and achieved visible results by working hard on themselves. Find a role model that motivates you.”

#3 @pitufollow Professional Runner

“Setting small and realistic goals, with one big long-term goal to go along with them, helps me stay on the ball. Every time I achieve a small goal, I have a sense of accomplishment. Plus, I always remember that my workouts help improve both my life and health.” 


#4 @p.gallucci Fitness Coach

“My top tips are: Plan and organize your day efficiently. Set measurable goals for yourself. Find a workout buddy or join a community. Document your progress regularly and stay dedicated to pursuing your goal.”

#5 @elenarorun Personal Trainer

“Motivation doesn’t always come from the workout itself. Working on your discipline and perseverance is the best path to success. My advice? Use the time you have on a Sunday to sit down and plan everything out in writing. What, how, when, and how often you want to work out. That way there’s no room left for excuses. Good time management is your best friend.”


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#6 @mr_weak7 Athlete and Spain’s Fittest Man

“The best way to stay motivated and reach your goals is to have the right goals. Many people fail for one of three reasons:

  1. Setting goals that are far beyond their capabilities. When we set goals that are very difficult to achieve, we end up exhausted from the effort we put in without it ever paying off. Set smaller and realistic goals.
  2. Lack of determination. The key to success is not just working out whenever you want to. Motivation comes and goes, so you should focus on discipline instead of motivation.
  3. It’s no fun: Working out should be fun. Train with other people sometimes. Nothing bonds you together more than a common goal. Although it’s okay to workout alone too (we all have our routines), working out together can give you that extra push.”

#7 @corinarandazzo Fitness Influencer

“I listen to my body and try to give it what it’s asking for right now. Taking care of your body doesn’t mean you have to do a high intensity workout every day. Some days my body demands exercise. I wake up energized and able to do a workout that pushes me to my limit. But on many other days, my body demands rest. That doesn’t mean I stop following my workout routine. I just adjust my workouts and switch to yoga, Pilates, or stretching. It’s good for me and helps me switch off and relax my body.”

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#8 @cescescola Fitness Trainer

“It’s important to understand why you exercise and the benefits of doing so. Exercise is what you need for a long and healthy life, not a chore. Know your current state and have a clear idea of where you want to go. Surround yourself with like-minded people who support your healthy lifestyle.”

#9 @yanisport.fr Fitness Coach

“Always setting new goals and facing new challenges keeps my motivation high. As a coach, I need to be a role model for my clients. That’s also why I work out regularly and test new training methods to optimize my clients’ results.”

#10 @victoria_muntean Pro Tennis Player

“Sport is my life, my passion, and also my profession. So being motivated comes naturally to me most of the time. I think about how good it feels to put in the effort and the reward of having completed a workout. I feel like I’ve really accomplished something and it’s easy to find the motivation to start again! If I ever need an extra boost before a session, I mix up some Energy Aminos, and then I can really dial in my workout.”

#11 @sangohan_otz Street Workout World Champion

“For me, the question of how to stay motivated doesn’t even come up. If you’re passionate about what you do, you don’t need extra motivation. Never forget why you do your sport.” 


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