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“Strong results. In just 12 weeks.”

  • Muscle Guide UK
  • Muscle Guide UK
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Softcover (100 pages)
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12-week program
12-week program
Efficient and suitable for daily use
100+ simple recipes
100+ simple recipes
Delicious & quick - with a weekly template
Short intense workouts
Short intense workouts
For stronger results
Online workout videos
Online workout videos
Free explanations of each exercise
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Frequently Asked Questions
What makes your guide different from other guides?

It's quite simple, really. Our guide has a straightforward approach that fits your everyday life. It's a plan for how you can successfully achieve the new muscles that you want, quickly and sustainably. But it doesn't leave you hanging after your first few gains. The content is based on years of experience in personal training, one-on-one coaching, and cooperation with our nutritionists. We know what works and what doesn't: functional workouts you can do in your gym. And fast, easy recipes that don’t require you to be a professional chef. For the muscles you’ve always dreamed of.

How do I stick to the plan?

Changing habits isn't easy. That's why we've designed our nutrition plan to be flexible. You'll find various variations on all our recipes that you can adjust to your life. You only have to work out 3 times a week. You can find equipment like barbells and weights in your gym. And you won't be alone. If you ever have any questions about how to do an exercise or how to keep yourself motivated, our nutrition experts are available to help you free of charge.

How easy is it to stick to the nutrition plan if I have a busy job?

So easy! Our recipes are super fast to prepare and easy to pack in a lunch box. Even the breakfast and snack recipes are fast, easy, and portable. You can even do our workouts on business trips in your hotel room. And thanks to the online overview of all workouts on our website, you'll also always have your workouts with you on your smartphone.

Can I also use the nutrition plan if I have allergies?

For many recipes we offer gluten-, lactose- or soy-free alternatives directly in the guide. If you need further information, our nutritionists will be happy to help you by e-mail, telephone, or chat.

Do I have to have a gym membership to use the workout plan?

In principle you can do all the exercises with weights at home. However, we recommend using professional equipment in your gym for better results. Otherwise also you need are comfortable exercise clothes. If you also have a towel, your smartphone, and something to drink at hand, you're ready to go.

Can I follow all the plans in the guide if I’m a complete beginner?

Of course. Some exercises may sound difficult when you're reading about them. But don't be scared! There is an easier variation for every single exercise in the guide. And even if it's hard in the beginning, we promise you'll make fast progress. Do the variation of the exercise that suits you. And keep going!