Protein Pina Colada

the non-alcoholic cocktail for everyone

A wine glass filled with protein pina colada and with a carton of Pineapple CocoWhey on the side
Goal muscle_definition
Total time 10 mins
Difficulty Easy
Nutritional value (per portion)
kcal 86
Protein 6 g
Fat 2 g
Ingredients …

1 Person

You will need

15 ml pineapple juice
90 ml CocoWhey Pineapple
CocoWhey Pineapple
CocoWhey Pineapple
The isotonic protein drink
(£9.06/1000 ml)
10 ml coconut syrup

Protein Pina Colada

the non-alcoholic cocktail for everyone

By: Anne-Sophie Hoffman
When fruity pineapple pairs with fresh coconut, it can only mean one thing: It’s pina colada time! We’d love to start our day with a big glass of this cocktail, if it weren’t for the alcohol. What do you know? Wishes can come true. From now on, we – and you – can enjoy our favorite cocktail all day long, with a no-hangover guarantee. Because we’ve mixed up our Pineapple CocoWhey and Lyre’s White Cane Spirit and made the experience of the summer! Protein-packed, fruity, and alcohol-free.


  • Put the ice cubes into a wine glass.
  • Ingredients:
    60 ml Lyre's White Cane Spirit , 15 ml pineapple juice, 90 ml CocoWhey Pineapple , 10 ml coconut syrup
    Put all the ingredients into a shaker. Shake lightly, then shake hard just a few times.
  • Pour into the wine glass. Garnish with pineapple. And your cocktail is done!
  • Enjoy!

Our Tip: Mango Pina Colada

Do you love a good mango lassi in the summer? Then whip our protein pina colada into a fruitier mango version. Just replace the pineapple juice with mango juice, and use our Mango CocoWhey.
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