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Trick or Sweat? Try this Halloween workout… if you dare!

A man of color and a white woman do a Halloween workout together on a balcony

Halloween’s just around the corner! There’s lots to do during the spooky season, like staying up watching horror movies, carving pumpkins, and enjoying spooky snacks. This year, we’re dressing up as star athletes. How about a killer workout to get you in the spirit?

Don’t worry, our Halloween workout is adapted to every fitness level and promises a terrifyingly effective full-body session… if you dare!

When it starts to get cooler, the leaves turn golden brown, and there are pumpkins for sale on seemingly every corner, it can only mean one thing: Fall is here! And Halloween is approaching.

Fun fact: the tradition of dressing up on Halloween has a long history going back to the superstition that one must protect oneself from the returning dead. To avoid being recognized as human, people dressed up as creepy creatures. You don’t need your Halloween costume for our Halloween workout, but as long as you’re dressed comfortably, go right ahead!

This Killer Workout brings the spooky season directly to you. We’ve picked out the best Halloween moves for you to train your entire body, put you in a great mood, and give you real goosebumps!

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Our Halloween workout: here’s how!

There’s no escaping it now, your inner couch potato (or shall we say couch pumpkin?) is already running ice cold down your spine! A spooky Halloween workout is coming your way to burn calories and challenge your muscles!

Our workout is suitable for beginners as well as for more experienced athletes. If you’re more advanced or a fitness expert, you’ll also need a resistance band for this workout. Beginners don’t need any equipment. The modifications can be found in the exercise description.

On top of that, you can also choose to increase the number of sets. Try 3 sets if this is your first trick-or-treat session, 4 to 5 if you’ve been around the block a few times, and 6 sets if you’re ghoulishly fit.

This is what a complete set looks like:

Exercise Workout Time Break
Deadlifts 40 sec. 20 sec.
Spider Plank 40 sec. 20 sec.
Monster Squat Walks Right 40 sec. 20 sec.
Monster Squat Walks Left 40 sec. 20 sec.
V(ampire) Ups 40 sec. 20 sec.
Zombie Crawl 40 sec. 20 sec.

You’ll do each exercise for 40 seconds and then have 20 seconds off before moving onto the next one. After each completed set, you can take a rest for up to 90 seconds.

Important: Before exercising, you should be sure to warm up for at least 10 minutes. You can read about the best exercises to warm up with here. Remember to have enough water on hand!

Ready? Have fun with our Halloween workout!

#1 Deadlifts (40 sec.)

The name of the exercise alone conjures up images of the creepy undead rising from their graves just in time for Halloween night. With deadlifts, you can effectively train your legs, calves, glutes, and back.

For beginners: body-weight deadlifts

Start by standing up straight. Place your fingertips at your temples. Push your glutes back and bend your upper body forward, keeping your knees slightly bent. Keep your back straight the whole time. Look at the floor ahead of you so your head stays in a neutral position. Inhale. Return to an upright position and exhale.

For intermediate athletes and pros: deadlifts with resistance bands

As a more experienced or pro athlete, you can add a resistance band to make the exercise more challenging. Step onto the resistance band with both feet and stand upright. Make sure the band is even under your feet and grasp both ends of the band firmly with your hands.

Perform the exercise exactly as above but extend your arms to hold the band in place. If this feels too easy, you can grab your resistance band a little lower or use another band that has more resistance.

A white woman and white man do deadlifts with resistance bands indoors.

#2 Spider Planks (40 sec.)

Can you hear them crawling yet? Most people are afraid of spiders – are you able to face our spider planks? This is a challenging exercise that will work your whole core, so choose the variation that suits you best.

For beginners: Knee planks

Knee planks are the perfect variation for those who don’t yet have enough ab strength. Begin in the same starting position as you would with a classic plank but keep your knees on the floor. This should make the exercise a little easier, but remember: keep your elbows under your shoulders, your abs firm, and your glutes engaged.

For intermediates: Elbow planks

This is more than just an abdominal exercise. Your whole body gets a workout in this one. Support yourself on your forearms with your elbows below your shoulders. Engage your whole body and push your upper back towards the ceiling. Try to stay as straight as possible in one line, no hollow back and no pushing your buttocks upwards.

For pros: Spider planks

Start in a plank position – your body should form a straight line with your palms directly under your shoulders. Pull your right knee sideways and towards your shoulder as you exhale. Return and repeat with your left. Keep your knee pointing outward as you bring it forward. If you find this exercise too easy, you can try placing your feet on an elevated surface.

A white woman does spider planks, setting her feet down on an elevated bench

#3 Monster Squat Walks (40 sec right + 40 sec left)

This exercise will have you moving just like a scary monster, walking in a squat position first to the right for 40 seconds and then back to the left for 40 seconds. You can take a short 20 second break between each side or skip it altogether. This exercise is actually more commonly referred to as a Crab Squat Walk. It’s great for strengthening your glutes and legs.

For beginners: Crab Squat Walks (right + left)

Start in a normal squat. Hold your deep squat and step sideways with the right leg. Try to maintain the depth of your squat as you move. Turn your feet and knees slightly outward as you step. Always start your steps with your right leg.

Your next set will catch up, using your other leg. This is a walking exercise: you’ll cover a certain distance and then walk back again if there is not enough space to continue walking. Always start your steps with your left leg.

For intermediate athletes and pros: Crab Squat Walks with Resistance Bands (right + left)

Finding the classic Crab Squat Walks too easy? Then try adding a looped resistance band above your ankles. Squat down, engage your abs, and keep your back straight. Now do the exercise without letting the band slip. Keep the tension going – your legs and glutes will definitely start to burn, don’t worry.

A white man does crab squat walks with a resistance band between his ankles

#4 V(ampire) Ups (40 sec.)

In addition to monsters and spiders, our Halloween workout also includes bloodsucking vampires. These V Ups will definitely get your abs going! Find the difficulty level that’s best for you

For beginners: Sit-ups

The classic core exercise. Lie on your back with your legs bent and feet on the ground. Keep your fingers to your temples. Lift your upper body using the strength of your abs. Try not to use momentum or “pull” from your arms or head. Exhale through your mouth as you lift your torso.

For advanced athletes: V(ampire) Hold

This static abdominal exercise will get your abs burning. Sit on the floor with your legs outstretched in the air. Try to form a V with your upper body and legs. Extend your arms forward beside your legs and hold this pose. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

For pros: V(ampire) Ups

Lie on your back with your arms extended above your head. Form the V-shape with your legs stretched out in the air, and then try to reach the tips of your toes with your arms outstretched. Exhale. Then lower and return to the starting position with arms and legs straight.

#5 Zombie Crawl (40 sec.)

Imagine the following scene from a horror movie: The protagonist is running away from zombies when they trip and fall on the ground and the zombies crawl on all fours towards them, getting closer and closer. This is how you’ll crawl forward on your hands and feet — and train your entire core musculature along the way.

For beginners: Tabletop with raised knees

Come to a tabletop position on the floor. Your elbows should be just under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Hold a neutral spine position and then place the tops of your feet on the floor. Tighten your stomach and lift your knees slightly off the floor. Hold this position as you inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

For advanced athletes: Zombie or Bear Crawl

Come into a tabletop position with knees raised and begin to move forward. Place one hand and the opposite foot slightly forward while keeping your back parallel to the floor. Repeat the same for the other hand and opposite foot. Take four steps forward and four steps back. Repeat the movement for 40 seconds.

Two white men in foodspring t-shirts do zombie crawls for the foodspring Halloween workout

For pros: Dragon Walk

This exercise is really hard and requires a lot of conditioning, strength, and coordination! Start in a plank position. Place your right hand a bit further forward and lift your left leg into the air. Then pull your left knee to the side of your torso and do a push up in this position. As you push yourself up out of the push-up, place your left hand a bit further forward and raise your right leg. Pull your right knee sideways towards your torso and do another push-up in this position. Slowly move forward like this.

Done? Good job! After a hell of a workout, you’re probably dead tired! But wait, how about a cool down? Now is the perfect time for some stretching or mobility training.

Our tip: After your workout, why not enjoy some protein-packed Halloween treats that will give you goosebumps? Check out our scary Halloween recipes and get inspired!

We hope you enjoy the creeps!

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