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Glucomannan Caps

Attainable weight management with Glucomannan¹. Before every meal.

4.51/5 71 Reviews


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Glucomannan helps with weight management¹

Vegan and gluten-free dietary supplement

Water-soluble fiber that expands in the stomach

Control in Every Cap

Control in Every Cap

Glucomannan is a 100% plant-based ingredient that has the exceptional ability to expand. When consumed with water before a meal, it expands and takes up space in the stomach (like food does); thus lowering appetite and controlling the amount eaten. Lower appetite, lower calorie intake. All while maintaining feelings of fullness.

  • Just two capsules contain the ideal amount of glucomannan.
  • Is the perfect addition to any balanced diet.
  • Supports portion control when you need it most: right before meals.
Weight management made simple. Trust your gut.

Weight management made simple. Trust your gut.

Are you training hard and trying to get into good shape? The key to success is proper nutrition. With Glucomannan Caps you don't have to cut out your favourite foods. Just listen to your gut. Two capsules before each meal, and you're done. Because the simpler it is to be healthy, the higher the chances of staying healthy—and reaching your goals too.

Glucomannan is perfect for you, if:

  • you’re looking for an all vegan substitute to diet pills.
  • you want to have easier control over portion sizes.
  • you don't want to give up your favorite food.
Only the best. Without compromise.

Only the best. Without compromise.

Quality comes first at foodspring. That's why our Glucomannan capsules only contain the highest quality plant-based ingredients. The active ingredient is extracted from the root of the konjac plant—resembling a sweet potato—which can be found in parts of Asia. And of course, our capsules are completely vegan. No animal gelatine here!

  • Plant-based active ingredients from konjac root fibres
  • 100% vegan capsules without gelatine based from animal products
  • Naturally gluten-free
¹Glucomannan, in the context of an energy-restricted diet, contributes to weight loss. The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 3g of glucomannan in three doses of 1g each, together with 1-2 glasses of water, before meals. (That's two capsules, three times a day.) Warning: choking can occur for people with swallowing difficulties or when ingesting with inadequate fluid intake. Take with plenty of water to ensure substance reaches the stomach.
Info (Glucomannan Caps)

Food supplement with glucomannan.


Konjac flour extract with glucoamannan (80%), hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (capsule), separating agent (magnesium salts from fatty acids, silicon dioxid).
May contain traces of egg, soy and milk (incl. lactose).


Glucomannan contributes to weight loss as part of a low-calorie diet.Contains 60 servings.120 capsules (83g). Daily recommended dosage: 3 times a day, take 2 capsules with your meal and sufficient liquid. Dietary supplements cannot replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the stated daily allowance. Keep out of reach of young children.
Always take glucomannan capsules with sufficient liquid to ensure that the capsules reach the stomach. Not suitable for children and people with swallowing difficulties. Risk of suffocation!

Special ingredients per portion per daily allowance
Glucomannan 1000 mg 3000 mg


4.51 / 5
71 Reviews

100% genuine reviews

1 - 10 of 71 Reviews


Glucomannan Caps



bis jetzt na ja...

Ich könnte jetzt nicht behaupten, dass ich durch die Kapseln weniger Hunger habe/weniger esse. Schade. Ich hatte mir wirklich viel davon versprochen



Es scheint zu wirken, bei regelmäßiger Einnahme habe ich tatsächlich etwas abgenommen, nachdem ich es nicht mehr genommen habe ist das Gewicht geblieben bei gleicher Aktivität und Ernährung


Vita quotidiana

Aiutano parecchio


Buon prodotto

Prodotto buono, io prendendolo un 20min /30 del pasto mi sento leggermente con meno fame.



Prodotto di ottima qualità, l’ho acquistato perché avevo problemi di digestione, da quando lo utilizzo la mia digestione è migliorata notevolmente . Ho notato anche un senso di sazietà durante i pasti principali ma non lo consiglio come un integratore dimagrante.


Se la fame non vuoi sentire…

Questo prodotto devi ingerire… fantastico nei primi giorni di dieta….


Pratique et discret

Pratique et discret en dehors de chez soi mais je le trouve moins efficace que le shape shot qui était en rupture de stock lors de ma dernière commande


Non fa miracoli

Premesso che parte tutto dalla testa ma se non si è veramente convinti non toglie con molta efficacia il senso di fame


Di dubbia utilità

Se ci bevi dietro molta, moltissima acqua tolgono leggermente l'appetito, ma niente di che. Non le ricomprerei.

Frequently Asked Questions

It sounds like Glucomannan Caps do all the hard work for me, so do I still have to follow a healthy diet?
Of course! If you want to manage your weight, an overall healthy and balanced eating plan is essential to reach your goals or to maintain the successes you have already achieved.
Can I take more than six capsules a day?
We definitely don't advise taking more than six. It's best to stick to the recommended daily intake.
Do I still need to exercise while taking glucomannan?
Yes! Exercise will remain an important part of your routine. If you train regularly and have fitness goals, the right diet will be the key to optimal performance. The Glucomannan capsules bring your nutrition under control without sacrificing your performance, recovery or well-being.
Can I take Glucomannan Caps for a long period of time?
As long as you stick to the daily recommended intake, you can take the capsules for as long as feels right for you and your goals. Listen to your body, though – if you have any issues, then please consult a doctor.
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