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43 Exercises and How Many Calories You’ll Burn

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No matter what time of year it is, it’s the right time to work towards the body you feel best in. How does that look? If it’s a bit different to the body you’re in right now, we’re here to help you polish it up. No matter whether you’re trying to lose weight or add strength: The calories you burn play a deciding role on the way to a body that looks and feels the way you want it. Don’t get us wrong. It doesn’t mean you have to count and chart every single calorie. Still, a calorie chart that lays out which sports and everyday activities burn how many calories? That sure sounds like a good foundation for a calorie-based plan to us. Use these charts as a way to estimate how many calories you’re burning in your workouts and your everyday life. Then you can start adjusting your nutrition, your sports habits, or both. Do that, and you’ll be on your way to your goal, guaranteed.

Use The Right Nutrition to Get Into Calorie Deficit

We can’t do the workout for you. But we can get you part of the way there, by helping you set and hit your goals. Whether they’re muscle building goals, new routines, or nutrition goals: We’re right there with you! And if you’re on the hunt for smart ways to stay healthy while you change the shape of your body, we’re here for you.

Balanced nutrition is the key to cracking your calorie-needs code – whether you’re aiming for muscle building or trying to slip off some fat. Even though packaged foods, fast food, and sweets are quick and easy sources of energy, they will send your calorie counts soaring faster than you can say “that was so tasty!” And our super proteins are just the thing for you. Whether it’s a bowl of crispy Protein Muesli for breakfast or a creamy Whey Protein shake after your workout – our finest fitness food will help you clear the hurdles standing between you and the body you feel your best in.

Calories Burned Per Sport: Our Chart

Exercise (like sports) burns calories. That much is clear. But how many calories does your body burn when you go for a jog? How many calories does it take to clean the house? Our calorie chart below lays out the average calories burned in a huge range of sports, as well as everyday activities. Naturally, this chart is based on averages. Every person’s calorie burning rate is different, based on factors like their age, weight, sex, and current fitness level. That means that the number of calories burned can vary hugely from person to person.

The numbers below are estimates for a person who weighs 70 kg (155 lbs) doing 30 minutes of the activity mentioned. Use these as a starting point to set your own goals.

A row of athletes seen from behind in a yoga pose: you can see their backs, shoulders, and heads. Their backs lean to their right side with their right arms stretched straight into the air over their heads.

Calorie Chart: Calories Burned By Different Sports

Sport Calories burned
Aerobics 70-90 kcal
Badminton 214 kcal
Basketball 244 kcal
Biking 281 kcal
Croquet 101 kcal
Dancing 80 kcal
Elliptical machine, slow 225 kcal
Elliptical machine, fast 325 kcal
Hiking 66 kcal
Horseback riding 32 kcal
Inline skating 245 kcal
Interval training 183 kcal
Jogging, fast 280 kcal
Jogging, slow 448 kcal
Judo 162 kcal
Jumping rope 107 kcal
Plank 107 kcal
Rowing 43 kcal
Running 200 kcal
Sit-ups 107 kcal
Skiing 249 kcal
Spinning 162 kcal
Stair climber 74 kcal
Strength training 238 kcal
Swimming 50 kcal
Table Tennis 186 kcal
Track and field 184 kcal
Trampoline 50 kcal
Walking 50 kcal
Water aerobics 162 kcal
Yoga 62 kcal
Zumba 97 kcal

Calorie Chart: Calories Burned by Everyday Activities

Cleaning 48 kcal
Climbing stairs 51 kcal
Cooking 79 kcal
Driving a car 61 kcal
Gardening, easy 122 kcal
Gardening, hard 183 kcal
Hiking 66 kcal
Playing piano 85 kcal
Shopping 125 kcal
Sleeping 54 kcal
Watching TV 40 kcal

Everyday Products: Average Calorie Chart

Wondering how many calories you’ll get from an egg versus an apple at breakfast time? Our free, downloadable calorie chart breaks down what’s hiding behind individual foods.

Don’t forget! Calories can vary depending on the portion size you’re eating and the way the food is prepared.

Download our calorie chart
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We want to stress this again: Everyone’s metabolism is different. That means everyone burns calories at a different rate. Just a few of the factors that affect your individual calorie consumption rate are your age, your height, and the composition of your body. So use these charts as a guide to get you started. Then get going on your way – we’ll be with you every step.

Below you’ll find charts for (cis) women and men. Right now, that’s unfortunately the only data we’ve got. Watch this space as sports science slowly becomes more inclusive.

Calories Burned by Cis Women Per Day (divided by age)

15 – (under) 19 years old 2000 kcal
19 – (under) 25 years old 1900 kcal
25 – (under) 51 years old 1900 kcal
51 – (under) 65 years old 1800 kcal
65 years old and older 1600 kcal

Calories Burned by (Cis) Men Per Day (divided by age)

15 – (under) 19 years old 2500 kcal
19 – (under) 25 years old 2500 kcal
25 – (under) 51 years old 2400 kcal
51 – (under) 65 years old 2200 kcal
65 years old and older 2000 kcal

How Do You Increase Calories Burned?

There are lots of reasons you might want to increase how many calories you’re burning. If you’re looking to lose weight, we recommend a healthy calorie deficit of no more than 400-500 kcal per day. You can reach that number by changing your nutrition, adding more movement to your daily routine, or a combination of both.

The easiest way to burn more calories is to build more muscles. Muscle burns more calories than fat even when it’s at rest – yep, even when you’re chilling on the couch. It goes without saying that yes, doing cardio burns even more than resting. Depending on the sport and intensity you pick, you could be burning 400 or more kcal every half-hour.

A pair of white hands hold an unseen body up in a plank position. The athlete's feet are visible in the background of the photo, smack dab between their hands.


How many calories your body burns every day depends on how much you keep it in motion. And on what you put into it. But other factors play a crucial role, too: age, fitness level, the composition of your body, and too many others to list. Still, there’s one golden rule: The more active you are, the more calories your body needs to burn. And building muscle with strength training will increase that number, because muscles use energy even when they’re completely at rest. Our calories burned charts with sports, daily activities, and age ranges will help you get a better feel for calorie consumption and show you which activities will help you torch them the best.

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