How Many Calories Will You Burn? This Exercise Chart Tells All

Doing this one sport will burn the most calories
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The reasons you might want to increase your daily activity are personal to you: improve your cardiovascular function to fend off heart disease, build strength to help your body’s resiliency and everyday functions, help bolster your mental health, cross-train for an upcoming race or event, work on your cardio and strength endurance, or achieve a body weight you’re comfortable with. And yes, you can — and should — block out an hour or so, several times a week, to devote to exercising. And foodspring has daily vitamins that will help keep your body functioning properly, and your workouts consistent. 

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But expending energy doesn’t have to happen at the gym. There are plenty of things you do everyday that help you reach your goals. So we’ve compiled a chart of activities and how many calories they burn in 30 minutes, based on your bodyweight (data provided by Harvard Health Publishing). Remember, these are just estimates. Two people who weigh the same number of pounds can have different body makeups, which will impact the calories you burn. And your fitness level itself affects how activity affects the calorie expenditure. 

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So you don’t need to get too hung up on the exact numbers. Instead, try to get a variety of activities at different levels of intensity. And don’t overlook all the day-to-day tasks and how you can optimize them for your health. Does your car badly need a wash? Do it yourself. Help your neighbor shovel their driveway or stack firewood. Bring your kids to the park and run around after them. Bonus points for hoisting them on your shoulders and dropping into a low squat — they might be lighter than a loaded barbell, but weight plates don’t squirm and giggle. 

Gym activity (30 minutes)125 pound person155 pound person185 pound person
Weight lifting90108126
Water aerobics120144168
Hatha yoga120144168
Moderate cardio workout135162189
High-intensity cardio workout240306336
Low-impact aerobics165198231
Stair climbing machine180216252
Vigorous weight lifting180216252
Moderate intensity indoor cycling210252294
High-intensity indoor cycling315391441
Rowing machine210252294
Circuit training240306336
Golfing (with a cart)105126147
Golfing (carrying clubs)165198231
Horseback riding577084
Walking (3.5 mph)107133159
Walking (4 mph)135175189
Whitewater rafting150180210
Hiking (cross-country)170216252
Downhill skiing180216252
Water skiing180216252
Wheelchair basketball195234273
Ice skating210252294
Roller skating/blading311386461
Basketball game240288336
Rock climbing227282336
Running (5 mph)240288336
Cross-country skiing198246293
Snow shoeing240288336
Beach volleyball240288336
Mountain biking255306357
Boxing (sparring)270324378
Cross country running255316377
Bicycling (14-15.9 mph)300360420
Martial arts (judo, karate, kickboxing)300360420
Competitive racquetball300360420
Jump rope (high-intensity)340421503
Jump rope (moderate intensity)226281335
Running (6 mph)300360420
Swimming (high-intensity lap)300360420
Bicycling (16-19 mph)360432504
Running (7.5 mph)375450525
Bicycling (>20 mph)495594693
Running (10 mph)453562671
Outdoor activity (30 minutes)
Raking lawn120144168
Mowing lawn135162189
Snow blowing135162189
Carrying and stacking wood142176210
Chopping and splitting wood180216252
Shoveling snow180216252
Home and Daily Life Activities
Standing in line283541
Running around/playing with kids114141168
Washing car by hand135162189
House painting142176210
Moving furniture170211252
Moving boxes210252294
SOURCE:Harvard Health Publishing

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