7 Amazing Ways to Get Fit Outside – No Running Required!

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Grab your workout buddy and get going. Working out with a partner is twice the fun. There’s more to outdoor sport than just walking, jogging, or biking. Here are seven fresh-air workout ideas that will get you sweating outside, keep you in shape, and most importantly, are fun to do!

Outdoor HIIT

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the be-all and end-all when it comes to working on your strength and conditioning. This intensive workout method is super practical, as well: you don’t need any equipment. Not even a mat. That makes HIIT perfect for a total body exercise. Squats, jumping lunges, and more will get you sweating out on the grass, while you can use any bench nearby to do your dips and push-ups. If you need even more of a challenge, bring along a jump rope and a resistance band. There may even be some outdoor fitness areas nearby; have a look!

Our Tip: If you’re not sure what exercises to do for your HIIT workout, check out our free outdoor bodyweight workout for inspiration!

A muscular man of color does a diamond push-up during a HIIT workout outdoors. The sun is shining on his right side. He is staring intensely at the camera.
  • Who’s it for? People who want to work up a sweat with quick and effective workouts
  • What does it target? Great for strength training and cardio
  • What do you need? Timer, fitness equipment (optional)

Stand Up Paddling

Stand-up paddling, or SUP, has been a hot new trend that’s just a few years old. Anywhere you find water nowadays, you’ll see someone on a paddleboard. SUP requires you to balance your bodyweight on an extra-large paddleboard. You use a one-ended paddle to move and steer yourself. Whether it’s on a river, a lake, or the ocean, SUP is more than just a great way to while away the hours and enjoy your natural surroundings: It keeps you in shape, too! Stand-up paddling is an effective workout for your shoulders, back, and core.

  • Who’s it for? Water sport lovers
  • What does it work? Balance, strength
  • What do you need? SUP board and paddle, body of water

Beach Volleyball

Two shirtless athletes doing outdoor sports compete for the volleyball over a beach volleyball net.

A good game of beach volleyball can work up a sweat in no time. The serving and returning is easier on your joints than conventional volleyball because you’re playing it on soft sand instead of a hard floor. At the same time, the uneven surfaces of the sand make it a more intense workout. It works many muscle groups in your body, while also being an effective cardio workout. Any more questions?

  • Who’s it for? Anyone who wants to play ball sports in a team
  • What does it work? Endurance, strength, coordination
  • What do you need? Beach volleyball court, volleyball, teammates

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Outdoor Yoga

Yoga with candles and incense at home or in a studio has a certain atmosphere to it. But it can be just as magical to roll out your mat in the park or the forest, and in totally different ways. Bring yourself closer to nature, literally. The fresh air can add to your feeling of inner peace and calmness. Plus, depending which yoga style you choose, you can work on your mobility, balance, strength, or endurance. Check your nearest yoga studio. Lots of gyms are also starting to offer outdoor yoga sessions.

Our Tip: Not sure what you’re going to get at your first yoga visit? We’ve got just the article for you to feel more prepared. What to expect from your first yoga session

  • Who’s it for? Yoga fans and anyone who wants to be one
  • What does it work? Mobility, balance, strength
  • What do you need? Yoga mat

Inline Skating

Did you know that you can burn more calories inline skating than jogging? Rollerblading is also faster, is a targeted leg and bum workout, and is a great chance to learn impressive tricks. It’s great fun for everyone, whether you’re coasting by yourself or with friends.

  • Who’s it for? Skaters and sport fans who like that wheeling feeling
  • What does it work? Endurance, strength
  • What do you need? Inline skates, helmet, pads
A short-haired, flat-chested, tattooed adult smiles and sits with their back against a concrete wall outdoors. There is a pair of inline skates leaning against the wall next to them.

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf doesn’t look too much like classic golf, except that you’re out in the fresh air and constantly on your feet! The object of frisbee golf is to toss the frisbee into (or at) a goal point with as few throws as possible while covering a large area of land. There are disc golf areas devoted to the sport, but you can also set up your own course in a park without much fuss!

  • Who’s it for? Anyone who likes tossing around a frisbee
  • What does it work? Endurance, coordination, strategic thinking
  • What do you need? A frisbee and, in some cases, a disc golf course


A dangerously addictive trend sport right now! Spikeball pits two teams against each other, throwing, smacking, or spiking a small ball against a mini-trampoline on the ground in the middle of the playing area. The object of the game is to spike the ball so the other team can’t get to it to return it. Most often it’s played with two teams of two. You can set up the spikeball equipment anywhere outdoors.

  • Who’s it for? Anyone who loves fast-paced ball sports
  • What does it work? Reaction speed, endurance
  • What do you need? Spikeball equipment, teammates


If you are looking for an outdoor workout, the sky’s the limit! No need to stick with running or biking. There are a huge number of alternative ways to do sport outdoors and keep fit in the fresh air. For athletes who usually use the gym, a HIIT or yoga session outside are great options. Meanwhile, ball sport lovers may find beach volleyball, spikeball or frisbee golf suit them perfectly. And inline skating is at least as intense as jogging, but more fun. Finally, if you love being on or near the water, give stand-up paddling a try.

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