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Protein Shakes Made Simple

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Protein shakes aren’t just for bodybuilders.

On the contrary: protein shakes give you the perfect amount of protein for building muscle, losing weight, or just improving your health and fitness in general.

Advantages of protein shakes

As part of a weight-loss plan, protein shakes are often used to supplement a lighter meal or as a low-calorie alternative to a sweet snack.The advantages: Protein keeps you full longer than carbohydrates and is lower in calories than fats.Studies have shown that people are less hungry in the morning when they have a high-protein dinner instead of a high-carb one.On top of that, additional protein counteracts the loss of muscle that can take place during weight loss and supports your body’s fat-burning process.

The advantages of protein shakes at a glance

    • Low-calorie
    • Keep you fuller longer
    • Counteract muscle loss
    • Perfect for shaping your body

If you work out intensively and want to build muscle, your protein consumption should be systematically increased.

Adding protein shakes to your nutrition plan is one way to achieve that goal.

Due to their special ratio of different proteins and amino acid combinations, protein shakes boast a significant advantage: faster activation of protein synthesis and good protein usability.

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Depending on your goals, your perfect protein shake will have a different composition and ingredients. So it’s important to choose the right protein shake for your individual fitness goal.

Protein shakes for shaping

Getting enough protein plays a special role in shaping your body.

The breakdown of your muscles can only be counteracted by eating enough protein.

If you’re getting enough protein, the proteins already in your muscles won’t be used as sources of energy. Your body will use your fat reserves and the proteins in the foods you eat instead.

Whey Protein 

In short: Perfect for strength and cardio training

Special feature: Post-workout protein source

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Vegan Protein 

In short: Protein shake for vegans

Special feature: 100% plant-based, gluten- and soy-free

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Protein shakes for building muscle

The body compensates for inadequate protein intake during heavy physical exercise by using the body’s own protein reserves and valuable muscle protein.

This leads to a loss of muscle mass, with the decreased strength and performance that goes along with it.

Protein shakes help athletes build muscle more effectively simply because the body needs protein to build muscle.

In general, your protein needs can be met through your diet.

However, if you want to effectively build muscle and train intensively, you can easily cover your increased protein needs with the help of protein shakes.

Whey Protein – The classic

In short: Quick source of nutrients

Special feature: Available extremely quickly

When: Perfect for right after working out

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3K Protein – The all-purpose shake

In short: Source of both quick & long-term nutrients

Special feature: Optimal protein combination

When: Perfect for after an evening workout

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Protein shakes in comparison: At a glance

Whey protein – The classic for building muscle

Whey Protein is our most popular protein shake for building muscle and is now a classic among supplements.

It is particularly suitable for all types of strength and cardio training, because it contains the high-quality protein building blocks and amino acids that muscles need for sustainable growth and regeneration.

Our premium Whey Protein powder contains high-quality whey protein and a high proportion of essential amino acids.

Whey Protein
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Organic Protein – The protein shake that’s certified organic

This protein shake made from organic ingredients consists of 100% natural ingredients..

Since the whey protein used comes from organic milk, this natural protein shake meets the highest quality standards, retaining the natural ratio of 80% casein and 20% whey.

Protein shakes with a high proportion of casein are particularly suitable for use during the regeneration phase when building muscle and for supporting a weight-loss diet.

The body absorbs casein slowly, so it supplies the muscles with proteins over a longer period of time. This makes casein shakes perfect for before bedtime and after working out.

Organic Protein Shakes
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3K Protein – The all-purpose shake

This multi-component protein shake is the ultimate all-purpose product because it contains an optimized combination of different types of protein, all of which are made into a high-quality shake in a process specially designed to preserve nutrients.

Multi-component proteins contain many essential amino acids, so they’re suitable for building and defining muscle as well as weight loss, because they effectively protect against muscle breakdown.

3K Protein also comes highly recommended for anyone who participates regularly in endurance sports or strength training.

3k Protein
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Vegan Protein – The plant-based protein shake

Purely plant-based protein shakes are usually made from soy, hemp, pea, or rice protein and are the perfect alternative for vegans or those suffering from lactose intolerance.

Athletes who’re monitoring their fat and carb intake will find that plant-based protein shakes are also a good solution for them. Their composition also makes them suitable for weight-loss plans.

Our Vegan Protein shake is especially good for building and defining muscle, offering an excellent vegan alternative to whey protein.

Vegan Protein
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Characteristics of high-quality protein shakes

In the jungle of numerous providers, it’s good to know which protein shake should be used for which goal – be it weight loss, muscle building, or muscle definition – and how to recognize good quality.

In order to make sure a protein shake will benefit your body, pay attention to these characteristics:

High-quality vs low-quality protein shakes

Depending on the type of protein, at least 75g protein per 100g of protein powder
Under 75g protein per 100g of protein powder
High-quality raw materials, made in Germany
Cheap raw materials from Eastern Europe or China
No artificial colors or preservatives
Use of artificial preservatives and colors
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