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Whey Protein

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4.57/5 5658 Reviews


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25 portions

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32.99€ 750g (43.99 €/1kg)
32.99€ 480g (68.73 €/1kg)
34.99€ 480g (87.48 €/1kg)

24g protein*

9.8g essential amino acids

No added sugar

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Not Your Average Whey Protein

Not Your Average Whey Protein

There’s a reason foodspring’s Whey Protein has been purchased millions of times across 39 countries since our company was founded in 2013. It was built on three fundamental principles: you deserve the highest-quality protein, the fewest ingredients possible, and results.

Our Whey Protein is...

  • Ultra-filtered, cold-processed, and rich in BCAAs and EAAs.
  • 69% whey protein concentrate, the gold standard of protein powders.
  • 30% whey protein isolate, the purest form of high-protein whey you can buy, which is low in carbohydrates, sugars, and fats.
All data is for Whey Protein (vanilla flavour)

How to Use foodspring Whey Protein

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Fill your shaker with 300ml water and 30g (or 3 tablespoons) of your favourite protein powder.

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Shake for 20 seconds.

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Best consumed within 1 hour of working out.

Whey Protein Isn't Just for Weight Lifters

Whey Protein Isn't Just for Weight Lifters

Getting protein into any strength-training regimen is important, but protein can do more for you than simply help you build stronger muscles.¹ Whey Protein can help anyone who is trying to hit their daily macros goals If you’re having a hard time meeting your protein goals, then adding Whey Protein to your morning, after your workout, or really any time of day is the way to go. Whey Protein is also a great addition to cakes, brownies, desserts, pancakes, as well as mueslis and yoghurts—we encourage you to think outside the shaker!  (For the record, we recommend consuming 50-65% carbohydrates, 15-25% proteins and 20-30% fats every day for a balanced diet).

1 Protein contributes to a growth in and the maintenance of muscle mass and contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.
* All data is for 30g Whey Protein (vanilla flavour) mixed with water.
Info (Cocos Crisp Flavour)

Powder mix with whey protein concentrate and isolate for the preparation of protein drinks. With sweeteners. Contains 25 servings.


Whey protein concentrate (from milk) (66%), whey protein isolate (from milk) (30%), coconut flakes (3%), flavouring, emulsifier (lecithins), sweeteners (sucralose, steviol glycosides from Stevia). May contain cereals containing gluten, egg, and soya.


It is important to maintain a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition informationper 100gper 30g
Energy1628 kJ / 385 kcal488 kJ / 116 kcal
Fat6,2 g1,9 g
of which saturates5,2 g1,6 g
Carbohydrate5,2 g1,6 g
of which sugars4,6 g1,4 g
Protein77 g23 g
Salt0,52 g0,16 g
Amino acidsper 100gper 30g
L-Alanine3780 mg1134 mg
L-Arginine1910 mg573 mg
L-Aspartic acid7950 mg2385 mg
L-Cysteine2090 mg627 mg
L-Glutamic acid12960 mg3888 mg
L-Glycine1420 mg426 mg
L-Histidine*1290 mg387 mg
L-Isoleucine*4770 mg1431 mg
L-Leucine*8010 mg2403 mg
L-Lysine*6940 mg2082 mg
L-Methionine*1690 mg507 mg
L-Phenylalanine*2480 mg744 mg
L-Proline4680 mg1404 mg
L-Serine3630 mg1089 mg
L-Threonine*5040 mg1512 mg
L-Tryptophan*1390 mg417 mg
L-Tyrosine2380 mg714 mg
L-Valine*4260 mg1278 mg
Chemical score: 102
*Essential amino acids


4.57 / 5
5658 Reviews

100% genuine reviews

1 - 10 of 5658 Reviews



Con la nuova ricetta il gusto è notevolmente migliorato, ottimo prodotto
Flavour: Chocolate


Nouveau gout

Le nouveau gout est vraiment meilleur avec un vrai gout de cacao
Flavour: Chocolate



Es el cuarto bote que compro, sabor delicioso y resultados.
Flavour: Chocolate



Ottimo gusto ottima digeribilità. Un must dopo l'allenamento. Consigliate.
Flavour: Chocolate


cocco croccante

questo gusto è veramente buonissimo per chi ama il cocco
Flavour: Coconut Crisp



Ti da una carica pazzesca, consigliato molto
Flavour: Vanilla


Très bon

Pour les avoir toutes testées grâce aux échantillons, la noisette est le goût que je préfère Je la dilue le matin dans un café au lait et hop, un petit déjeuner protéiné café noisette , c’est parfait !
Flavour: Hazelnut



Gusto moooolto buono, sazia la voglia di dolce :D
Flavour: Caramel


whey goût banane

bon produit car sucré uniquement avec stévia sans édulcorants chimiques nuisibles à la santé
Flavour: Banana


Molto buone

Gusto fresco e leggero, ottime soprattutto per l'estate, ma le gradisco anche tutto l'anno alternate a quelle al caffè
Flavour: Strawberry

Frequently Asked Questions

What is whey protein?
Whey protein is known for being readily available to the body and for its high essential amino acid content. These advantages make it the ideal protein after the physical strain of strength or endurance training. A supply of protein building blocks is important to accelerate protein synthesis, thus stimulating anabolic (muscle building) processes in the body. Whey Protein is gluten free by nature. Due to production factors, the product may contain traces of gluten.
What are the advantages of steviol glycosides?
The Stevia plant offers the opportunity to create a highly valuable sweetener, the steviol glycosides, that offer more than just a sweet taste. Steviol glycosides are purified extracts of the stevia plant. They make it possible to avoid unnecessary carbs and do not effect the calorie count. This makes steviol glycosides far superior to traditional industrially-produced sugar.
Does Whey Protein contain aspartame?
We are strongly opposed to the use of aspartame as a sweetener in all of our proteins. There have been numerous studies about the potential negative health effects of aspartame. Although current studies indicate that aspartame consumed in small quantities is not dangerous, we prefer to use other sweeteners in our products.
What can I achieve by using Whey Protein?
Whey Protein is especially suited to muscle building and muscle maintenance for strength and endurance training. It is best used directly after physical exertion. Moreover, Whey Protein can be used to offset nutrient deficiencies caused by insufficient protein intake.
Why should I not buy cheap whey?
Cheap whey proteins tend to come from milk produced by factory farming. Despite strict food regulations, questionable residues can sometimes be detected in the milk as a result of contaminated animal feed. These can be transmitted to humans through food and can harm the body. Any unnecessary strain on the body has a negative impact on efficiency and muscle building in the long term.
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