Get fit without equipment! 3 bodyweight workouts to try

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If you want to get lean and defined, we have three free bodyweight workouts for you that you can do without weights, machines, or any other equipment at all. Get moving! Get fit without equipment! It’s possible!

Bodyweight exercises at home: What’s the hype all about?

It used to be frowned upon in gyms, dreaded in school sports and treated as a mere warmup for team sports, but those days are gone. Over the last few years, bodyweight training has gotten a lot of attention and only continues to get more popular. Now you’ll see more and more people in parks either alone or in groups using only their own body weight as the tool for getting fit without equipment. The hype largely came from Mark Lauren and his book “You Are Your Own Gym,” but the developers of the Freeletics app have managed to give the idea of bodyweight workouts a reboot.

Are bodyweight workouts effective?

Here are some of the many advantages that training using only your body weight has to offer.

  • Since you don’t have to pay for a gym membership, it’s budget-friendly and convenient
  • Since you don’t need any equipment, you’re not tied to a specific location and can take your workout anywhere
  • You can easily modify the difficulty of the exercises and adjust them to your training level
  • It’s perfect for HIIT workouts
  • You’ll greatly increase your sense of body awareness
  • Because it can address many muscles at the same time, it provides a holistic, functional approach to your physical routine
  • It focuses on coordination and strength endurance
Handstand pushups are one way to get fit without equipment. Here a shirtless white man in black gym shorts demonstrates against a concrete wall.

Disadvantages of bodyweight workouts to get fit without equipment

Of course, we don’t want to keep any secrets. Bodyweight training has a couple of disadvantages worth noting:

  • Increasing muscle mass is only possible to a certain extent with your own body weight
  • At a certain point, you can only really increase your endurance, rather than your strength
  • Some exercises might present too much of a challenge for people just starting out. Pull-ups, for example, work the back effectively but can be pretty demanding for beginners and people who are overweight to do on their own.

Fitness routine without equipment: Our 3 training plans

Now that you’re ready to start training with your own body weight, we’re giving you three of our equipment-free workouts.

Circuit Workout

We’ve got 10 exercises for you here. You do them one after the other, without taking a break. We suggest you do at least 3 rounds, and 4 rounds if you’re more advanced. If you’re looking for even more, you can also add a 5th round.

Free Circuit Training

Full-Body Workout

Here’s a workout consisting of 8 different exercises. Each round lasts only 4 minutes – this definitely doesn’t mean that you should take it easy with this workout!

Bodyweight Workout

Ab Workout

The perfect workout to focus on growing and strengthening your abs. In this crisp HIIT unit, you’ll train all areas of your abs. It’s the perfect path to getting a strong six-pack.

Download our Abs Workout


  • It’s easy to get your workout in without any equipment
  • With the right exercises, you can modify and vary your training to suit your needs
  • Primarily trains strength endurance and coordination
  • Muscle growth is limited

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