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Old habits die hard, but it’s our daily routines that determine whether we reach our goal of finally living healthier or maybe losing a few kilos. Read on to see how Rosalby managed to get out of her comfort zone!

Rosalby changed her lifestyle and lost 27 kilos over the course of only one year. We don’t want to keep her inspiring story from you! In our interview, Rosalby reveals how she lost weight without the yo-yo effect and how she integrated her new routines into her everyday life for the long term.

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Many people find it difficult to lose weight and it’s easy to come up with 1,000 reasons to wait until tomorrow. How did you motivate yourself to finally take the first step?

We tend to make things more complicated than they are and invent 1,000 and one excuses not to get started. My niece was christened last summer, and the celebration is a pretty food and drink oriented event. At that time, I weighed 85 kilograms.

When we went shopping, none of what I tried on looked good on me. Although I already had great self-confidence back then, I was dissatisfied with my own reflection. That was the moment when I decided to change my old habits. I was motivated to get rid of things in my life that were not good for me.

A balanced diet is the key to losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way. Which foods have helped you lose weight the most? Were there any products you had to do without?

Without a doubt, nutrition is crucial for success! In the beginning, for example, I only ate bread in the morning. I completely avoided rice and potatoes. But as I said, I only did that in the beginning. Later, step by step, I integrated these foods into my diet again. 

I cannot say that one food helped me more than the other. I simply started to eat more vegetables and fruits. Currently, the only thing I no longer consume is Coca-Cola because I wanted to eliminate it from my diet in general.

Do you have a favorite foodspring product that you like in particular? Which one and why?

To name a favorite foodspring product is not so easy! Everything I’ve tried so far has exceeded all my expectations. But if I had to choose a product, I’d choose the Protein Cream spreads for snacking without regrets.

I always eat the spreads for breakfast and I even have a few cans left at work. The Coconut Crisp Protein Cream is especially delicious and transports you to the Caribbean in a matter of seconds. Besides the great taste, the texture is simply divine.  

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There’s a ton of information online about losing weight. How did you know the best way to lose weight? And what do you think are the biggest myths about losing weight?

I have tried many diets and products that supposedly claimed to help me lose weight. To be honest, none of them worked for me. In less than a month, I’d always put my old weight back on. 

I think we should not be influenced by what other people say about their way to lose weight. Or just look for a simple solution, either. Everybody and every body is different! What worked for you will probably not work for me.

It’s possible to lose weight without that yoyo effect, if you are disciplined and have a bit of patience. How quickly could you see the first successes of your weight loss and how long did it take you to reach your desired weight?

My desired weight, which is the point where I am now, means that I look in the mirror and I like what I see. It took me exactly one year to achieve this. But I have to admit, the way to get there wasn’t easy.

When I started, I thought that maybe it would only take a few days before I would fall back into my old behavior patterns. But despite the many temptations, I really decided to concentrate and really prioritize myself. When I was able to wear clothes that I hadn’t been able to fit into before, I knew that I had to not give up and had to keep going!

Losing weight while eating freely and not starving is possible with the right diet. Do you have a healthy recipe that keeps you satisfied and tastes great?

In my opinion, the best recipe for losing weight is a combination of baked dorado fish and a mixed salad. 

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An active lifestyle helps to get rid of those excess kilos. What kinds of exercise do you do and how many times a week do you work out to keep fit?

I’ve never liked exercise. If someone ever asked me if I wanted to go jogging at 7 a.m., I would have said: Never in my life would I get up early to work out!

I started working out because I was given a gym membership as a gift. I thought I’d only last a month and that was it. But to my own surprise, I realized that the more I exercised, the better my body felt. Currently, I go to the gym seven times a week, sometimes five. When I don’t exercise, my body feels sluggish. I work out to have more energy.

Most people have a stressful everyday life and are constantly rushing from one meeting to the next. There is hardly any time for the gym or cooking healthy meals. How do you manage to combine your healthy lifestyle with your everyday life?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Everything is a matter of organization and planning. My daily routine looks like this: At 9am I take my child to kindergarten. At 09:30, I go to the gym and work out until about 11. 

Then I come home and pack my lunch and a snack for work. Sometimes I even prepare my dinner ahead of time. At 1, I leave the house and work until 10. I really believe that with good organization anything is possible.

Losing weight is a process with ups and downs. Losing motivation or having ravenous appetite attacks are sometimes unfortunately part of a weight loss plateau. What was the biggest difficulty you encountered in losing weight and how did you overcome it?

I had a longer phase where my weight remained the same. I stayed at 65 kilograms for almost a month and a half and just couldn’t get any further. But I continued to eat a healthy diet and went to the gym regularly. What motivated me to stay on the ball was wearing my old clothes. I was able to wear things again that I hadn’t been able to fit into for many years.

Your success story is very impressive and motivating. How has your own success influenced you personally?

I hope that my story motivates others as well! My motto is: You can achieve everything with effort, stamina, a fighting spirit, and organization. Never give up and never lose sight of the real goal!

To make it this far has been a relief for my soul. I am now a different person both physically and mentally. I know that I have achieved all this by changing my old habits for the better. 

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