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Discipline and motivation are the main keys to a successful change of diet. Elisa has particularly inspired us with her success story. We’ll show you how you can have your own success story too. Learn how Elisa was able to lose weight with foodspring.

Even Elisa thought it was impossible, but with our diverse products, an individually tailored training plan, plus a strong will, Elisa has successfully lost 22 kg in the last 24 months. We interviewed Elisa and asked her about her recipe for success.

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A good diet is the basis of any promising weight loss plan. Which foods most effectively helped you drop pounds?

I think it’s really important to find good, healthy, and long-lasting food. In the morning, I love to eat Protein muesli or Porridge with lots of fresh fruit. For savory dishes, I always like to add a little spice, especially turmeric. Spices usually help put a stop to my cravings.

Eating enough protein is also essential to slimming down. That’s the only way to curb carbohydrate consumption and avoid losing muscle. What has your experience been with protein shakes?

I had already tried diets with shakes from other brands, but I couldn’t really stick with them. It wasn’t totally because of the shakes, but if I really like the taste of the shake, it makes a huge difference because I don’t have to “force myself” to drink it. foodspring Whey Protein, especially raspberry, are just really tasty and they last for a long time. So, for me, it was easy to enjoy them with a meal. That’s what caused me to lose weight so quickly.

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What recipes would you recommend to slim down?

My favorite dish of all time: tomatoes and feta cheese. Not in salads but in hot dishes. Simply cut 1 red onion and 4 to 6 tomatoes into small pieces. Combine the vegetables and feta cheese with a little olive oil and spices in a baking dish. It’s super simple!


To lose weight, do you stick to a weekly nutritional program?

Yes, and it helps me a lot. I have to work from Monday to Saturday, and every morning at work I have a smoothie, porridge, or muesli for breakfast. For lunch, I normally eat with my colleagues. With dinner, I’ll have a Whey Protein Shake every day except Wednesdays and weekends. These habits give me the discipline I need to keep going without giving up.

What importance do you attach to a healthy diet? How do you manage the temptation of a sugar craving?

A healthy diet is extremely important. Eating well and not depriving yourself is essential in my opinion. From my experience, there is no point in depriving yourself completely of certain foods. We just need to moderate ourselves. In the evening, Whey Protein Shake often helped me feel satisfied after a light dinner. On the other hand, I was always ravenous before a workout, but not at all once the session was over.

Motivation and discipline are crucial for lasting weight loss. Why did you decide to lose a few pounds?

I’ve always weighed a little bit more and had a hard time getting into exercise. Gyms were just not my thing and I had trouble finding a sport I liked. And I have tried many different diets that failed precisely because I wasn’t disciplined enough. In 2015 I weighed 191 pounds at 5 feet 5 inches, and I felt uncomfortable in my body. It was no longer possible for me to justify what I saw in the mirror. Luckily, I discovered the sport that finally motivated me right at that moment: yoga.

Losing weight with exercise: You can’t skip regular training. How many sessions a week have helped you lose weight?

I try to do yoga every day, after work or on Sunday when I wake up. I work out in my living room so that I can have more flexibility in my training schedule, in case I have to work overtime.

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How do you motivate yourself to stay disciplined and exercise regularly?

As soon as I first saw progress, it was easy to get into a good routine. When you realize that your clothes are too big, it motivates you twice as much. Plus, you feel much better when you exercise regularly. It helps me feel good and keeps me relaxed.

Before and after: How do you feel since losing weight?

A lot better! I’m much more active. Many things are easier for me and I am in a good mood because I feel good about myself. And I like to look at myself in the mirror.

What advice would you give to our readers?

The most important thing is to find an activity and a diet that is suitable to your lifestyle. That’s the only way, along with discipline, of course, to achieve your goals. We’ve all been frustrated and experienced major setbacks, but when we really want to, we can get there (at least from my perspective).

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