Partner Workouts – Make Your Workouts Twice as Much Fun

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Do you get bored working out by yourself? Want some more action, fun, and motivation? Perfect! All you have to do is grab a training partner, and you can reach your goals together. Scroll down for eight awesome exercises to kick-start your partner workouts.

Don’t feel like dragging yourself to the gym after work? Working out alone at home has gotten boring? No problem! Work out with a group that inspires you to keep going!

A partner almost automatically motivates you to reach your goals together. Our #foodspringfamily has also become a huge community that supports its members’ fitness goals! The fam includes all our fans on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, our athletes and champions, and of course all of our staff in our office in Berlin. We even have a list of fun partner workouts for you to do, and best of all, there’s no gym necessary! 

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8 reasons to take your workouts to the next level with a workout partner

1. Boost your willpower

As soon as you start training with a partner that you like, you’ll automatically want to work out. Why? Because you know you’ll meet up with people you get along with and they’ll support you in achieving your goals. That’s a great way to boost your willpower!

Besides, your workout group is counting on you!

2. Find a new workout partner

Sure, you might meet some people at the gym. But that’s nothing in comparison to real team training with a group that goes to its limits several times a week and keeps challenging one another again and again.

People looking to work out in a group are usually friendly and open for making new connections. At the gym most people are much more focused on themselves than getting to know new people. And at home? Definitely not going to meet new people there!

A white man and a white woman doing a partner workout of planks outdoors

3. Find out that you are awesome, no matter what.

The feeling of knowing that you can find your way in a new group with complete strangers, become part of the group, and make new friends improves your self-confidence, which automatically transfers to other areas of your life as well.

4. Discover your potential

When you work out at home, all you see is your own performance. At the gym you might take a look at how much weight other people are lifting, but you have no idea how long it took them to get there. When you’re in a group, you can always chat with your teammates, and that gives you a completely different basis to compare yourself to. And you can appreciate your own performance in a completely different way as your fitness grows.

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5. Get support from your team when you’re about to give up

If you exercise at home and can’t keep going, you just take a longer break. At the gym you’ll just go for a lower weight or do fewer reps. But when you train in a group, all those easy ways out aren’t so easy anymore, because you don’t want to fall behind your teammates.

Your coach and your team will encourage you to keep going, even when you think you can’t. And that’s exactly what pushes you to your limits every time, ensuring faster success.

6.  Improve your awareness of your body

When you train in a team, partner exercises are often part of the plan. Sometimes you’re thrown into the deep end with people you don’t even know and you’ll have to do different exercises together and help, hold, carry or support each other. This helps increase your body awareness.

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7. Achieve more success with more feedback

If you work out at home alone, you probably won’t get any feedback at all. And if we’re honest, most gyms don’t provide much support with their trainers. When you train in a team, or train with a partner, you’ll get feedback from more than just your coach.

By chatting with your workout partner and other like-minded people from your team, you’ll keep learning new tips and tricks. They’ll help improve your technique if you do an exercise incorrectly or show you cool new exercises. Perfect for making progress and developing yourself further!

8. Celebrate fitness successes together

It always feels good to get better at something. But as soon as you start working out with a partner, achieving your goals is twice as much fun. You celebrate your buddy’s successes and they celebrate yours, keeping you motivated and making working out even more fun.

8 gym-free exercises to do in pairs

1. Partner Clap Push-Ups 

GIF image of a white man and a white woman doing partner clap pushups outdoors
Muscle groups trained:Triceps, shoulders, chest, and core stability
Important:During the claps, consciously tense your abs to keep your core stable.

2. Partner Jumping Lunges

A white man and a white woman demonstrate partner jumping lunges outdoors
Muscle groups trained:All leg and glute muscles
Important:Land as gently as possible every time. Make sure your knees stay behind your toes on your front leg.

3. Clap Sit-ups

GIF of a white man and white woman demonstrating clap sit-ups together
Muscle groups trained:Large abdominal muscles and hip flexors
Important:Hook your feet behind your partner’s lower legs. Keep your back straight for the entire exercise.

4. Wheelbarrow

Trainieren im Team
Muscle groups trained:Coordination, stability in your shoulders and core
Important:Tense your abs so your back doesn’t arch. Keep your shoulders stable and only take as many steps as feels safe.

5. Piggyback Run

Trainieren im Team
Muscle groups trained:Leg muscles and core stability
Important:Lean forward slightly to counterbalance the extra weight. Keep your back straight and tense your abs to maintain body tension.

6. Partner Leg Lifts

Trainieren im Team
Muscle groups trained:Abdominal muscles and hip flexors
Important:Consciously tense your abs to avoid arching your back.

7. Tuck Jump over Partner

white man and white woman perform tuck jumps training in a team
Muscle groups trained:

Support person: Shoulder and core stability

Jumping person: Leg and abdominal muscles and shoulder stability, as well as coordination

Important:To keep from hurting yourself or your partner, only jump over your partner as many times as feels safe for you.

8. Burpees Over Plank 

Trainieren im Team
Muscle groups trained:

Plank: Shoulder and core stability

Burpee: Whole body

Important:To keep from hurting yourself or your partner, only jump over your partner as many times as feels safe for you.

A workout plan for fun partner workouts

We’ve put together this plan for a HIIT partner workout, so you can print it out and bring it with you. These exercises will help you work up a sweat and have a lot of fun.Download our free partner workout plan


Team workouts:

Boost your willpower.

Help you find plenty of training buddies.

Make celebrating success together twice as much fun.

Improve your self-confidence.

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