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There are endless options when it comes to achieving your personal goal, in large part because your goals are as individual as you are. But that is why you’re here, because we have the tips, tricks, and know-how to help you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve with your body and your mind. Maybe you want to get stronger? Maybe you want to get fitter? Maybe it’s simply finding a moment to disconnect and feel healthier as you walk through the world with a greater sense of purpose and confidence? Whatever your goal is, getting there won’t always be easy. It requires grit, determination, and hard work. But you are not alone, foodspring is here to help. Whether it’s your first time signing up for a marathon, or your 100th time stepping on the mat, we’re here to help you and all ambitious athletes stay focused and work towards your goal. But first, you need to know where you’re headed.

Which is why we’re asking: What’s your goal?

Focusing on that can be challenging, but we won’t let you down! Here you’ll find our 8 simple tips, you can come back to time and time again as you start and you come up against any bumps in your fitness journey. Because we know it’s hard to prioritise yourself, but you’ve made the first step. Now let us help you keep going.

Our 8 most valuable tips

You know better than anyone which tips are going to work for you, so pick and choose the best tools for your fitness toolbox. Remember that what works today might not work tomorrow, so equipping yourself with tips is a surefire way to keep prioritising your journey. Don’t let anything hold you back!

#1 What makes you happy?

Finding joy in what you do is key to long term success, so if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing it is less likely to be successful in the long term. How do you combat that? Think about what you really want beforehand. Why are you pursuing your goal? How does it make you feel? If your goal makes you happy, then you’re on the right track. But keep a close eye on your goal. Work on yourself. It might be that you realise along the way you actually want something else, and that is ok, reset your goal and change course. You’ll learn so much about yourself as you go.

#2 Stop comparing yourself!

Role models on social media are certainly motivating. But don’t measure yourself with their performance. They started out small too. When it comes to comparing, you should only ever compare your performance with what you did yesterday, last week, last month, or even last year. Measure yourself and celebrate your progress. You’ll see: Even your bad days will be massive improvements from your past!

#3 One step at a time.

To change your entire life starting today? That won’t end well. Make your everyday life healthier little by little. For example, don’t turn your entire diet upside down, but first increase the protein content per meal, or gradually increase your sports workload.

Once you’ve formulated your goal, break it down into short-term goals and regularly check whether you’ve achieved them. Yes? Great, celebrate your success and reward yourself for it. Didn’t you reach your destination yet? Ask yourself why, it might be that you need to reevaluate.

Our tip: Small things can change a lot! For example, eat nuts and berries instead of chips or a protein bar instead of cake.

#4 Fuel your body

Fitness requires food. To see results you have to fuel your body (the right way). There is no way around it, food is the key. But it’s not about deprivation, it’s about the right ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. No matter what your goal is, getting enough protein is going to be the building block of your success. Fresh fruit and vegetables should also be on your diet every day. Our nutrient calculator will tell you which individual distribution of macronutrients is best for you.

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#5 Stay flexible

Change you diet? Yes! Banning foods? No! Because let’s be honest: We always want exactly what we’re not allowed to have. Which means that if you love pizza, you shouldn’t remove it from your diet, instead you should find healthier, more balanced alternatives—a great way to do this is to use our protein pizza as a base. Milkshakes? Mixed with low-fat milk, our protein shakes are deliciously creamy and provide 24g of protein per serving with no added sugar. Have fun with your diet, just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it needs to be boring.

#6 Listen to your body

Juice cleanses, detox supplements, and fasting are all the rage. And you can try them, but you don’t have to. The most important thing is that you learn listen to your body. Every time you want to eat something, ask yourself why you’re eating it. Be mindful of the choices you make they can have huge impact on how you feel overall. 

#7 Harness your willpower!

Working out is great. Exercise (and diet) will change the way you look. But did you know that it also makes you mentally stronger? If you overcome your inner critic again and again, you train your willpower too. And a strong will is essential to achieve your goals.

#8 Don’t go at it alone

It’s hard to do something alone. With just a little support you can achieve so much more! Find a community working towards similar goals, and talk about your goals and why you are going after them. By inspiring others, you’ll inspire yourself. Celebrate your successes together and motivate each other.

What’s your goal?

Is your goal already crystal clear? Then there is even more you can do to achieve it. foodspring was designed with you and your goals in mind, which is why we know exactly how to help you go the extra mile and turn your goal into reality.

Get stronger

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Would you like to build muscle, get stronger, and feel more confident? You’ve got to stick to the basics: Regular strength training combined with a high-protein, healthy diet. Sounds simple in theory, but isn’t it always easy to implement? These are your must haves to make it work:

  • Creatine: Either in powder or capsules, creatine helps you improve your performance in training*.
  • Workout aminos: Our workout aminos help you push through the hardest trainings and bring power to the last repetition.
  • Whey protein: After training, your muscles deserve only the best (it’s the only way they’ll keep up with your goals). Nourish them with high-quality whey protein.**

If you know you want to build muscle but you’re still relatively new to making gains, we’ve got you covered with our Muscle Building for Beginners guide.  

Improve endurance

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Faster, higher, farther? Your motivation is limitless and you really want to accelerate? Maybe you’re getting ready for a cycling trip in the Alps, or you’re ready to PR that next marathon, or you’re getting back on your feet after an injury. Whatever the reason, you want to make sure nothing can stop you from going that extra mile, which is why we came up with this product trio:

  • Sparkling aminos: For direct power before your workout.
  • Endurance drink: With fructose, dextrose, and electrolytes, this drink will get you through every endurance session.
  • Energy Bar: The energy from nuts and fruits fuels you up instantly—no matter where you are.

Ready. Set. Let’s go! Here are the basics of endurance training.  

Find balance

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A balanced and mindful lifestyle is a desirable and important goal for athletes and non-athletes alike. Feeling centred, confident, and healthy come from focusing on you and how you navigate through your day. But it’s no secret that the best way to ensure you make strong choices is to remove the guesswork. Start you day strong with this balanced trio, and meet your day head on:

  • Breakfast Bowl: Tastes great and gives you what you need to fuel your mornings, in under 1 minute. Too good to be true? Nope, just our award-winning breakfast bowls.
  • CocoWhey: Supplying your muscles with enough protein isn’t only important for your muscle growth, but also for maintaining it*. Combined with fresh coconut water, this drink is a perfectly balanced boost of freshness and hydration!
  • Daily Protein + Focus: If your goal is cutting caffeine but you still want to feel energised and focused, then adding this to your daily routine will help you say say goodbye to the energy roller coaster as you learn to master your everyday life with full focus***.

Not only does it depend on the right products, but also on your mindset. But integrating healthy habits into your everyday life doesn’t have to be difficult. A great place to start is mindful eating, here are some mistakes to avoid while you get started

More things to know from foodspring:

*Creatine increases physical performance during rapid strength training as part of short-term, intensive physical exertion.

**Proteins contribute to an increase and maintenance of muscle mass.

***Pantothenic acid contributes to normal mental performance. Vitamin B5, vitamin B12 and vitamin C help to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

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