Challenger Point III

Muskel aufbauen und Fett verbrennen mit diesem Ganzkörper HIIT Workout Challenger Point III von foodspring. Lass das Fettkiller Workout beginnen! Let´s go!
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Weight Loss
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Challenger Point III is a HIIT workout tailored to your level of fitness.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is one of the most popular and effective training methods. Not only does it burn fat; it also challenges your muscles. High-intensity exercise phases (50 seconds) alternate with recovery phases (10 seconds). After each round you can rest for up to 60 seconds. Repeat the circuit 5-6 times.

If the one-handed push-ups end up being too much for you over the course of the workout, you can do diamond push-ups instead. Always make sure that your movement stays clean and controlled and keep your body firm the whole time.

Warm up well before you start training! Have fun with our workout.

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Challenger Point III
1. Front Jumping Jacks
50 sec
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This foodspring video shows you how to do front jumping jacks correctly. Front jumping jacks are also called seal jumping jacks. Start with your arms stretched in front of you at shoulder height. As you jump into the air, spread your feet far apart. Meanwhile, open your arms. As you jump your feet together, bring your arms together in front of you as if you're going to clap. This is an effective full-body exercise.
2. Butterfly Reverses
50 sec
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This foodspring video shows you how to do butterfly reverses correctly. This exercises targets the backs of your shoulders. Lean your upper body forward. Keep your back straight and knees slightly bent. Your arms are stretched out long, forward from your body. Now bring your arms up towards the ceiling. Pull your shoulderblades together as you move. Then lower your arms and repeat.
3. One Hand Push Ups
50 sec
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This foodspring video shows you how to do one hand push ups correctly. This exercise belongs to the top tier of the workout disciplines. They start from the same position as classic push-ups, just set your legs farther apart than usual. Push them firmly into the floor. Now shift your weight onto one arm. Bend the arm and sink as low on it as you can. Keep your elbow tucked towards your upper body. Keep your upper body tight, especially in your core and your back. Make sure your hips stay level with each other!
4. Alternating Lunges
50 sec
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This foodspring video shows you how to do alternating lunges correctly. Forward lunges are a great workout for your leg muscles. The focus here is on the quads and the glutes. Stand up straight and set your feet hip-width apart. Step one foot to the front and bend your knee, which will lift your back heel off the floor. Make sure your upper body stays upright and doesn't lean forward. Bring your leg back to your body and start the whole thing again with your other leg.
5. Superman Plank
50 sec
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This foodspring video shows you how to do a superman plank correctly. Start in the high plank position, supporting yourself on your toes and your hands - which should be directly under your shoulders. Keep your abs and glutes tensed so that your body forms a straight line. Now lift one arm and the opposite leg without falling. This exercise demands extra stability from your core in order to keep you balanced without falling down sideways. Hold the position for a few seconds, then switch to the other arm and leg.
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