The Secret to Getting Fit Without Ever Leaving Your Couch

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Think there’s nothing better than melting into your couch after work while watching your favorite show? That’s what lots of us feel! But no matter how cozy your sofa is, this beloved piece of furniture can also be used for working out. Yes, you heard us right! You can get an effective full-body workout at home without ever fully leaving your couch. Sounds too good to be true? See for yourself and try out our couch workout!

Before you get started, put on your workout clothes and grab our Energy Aminos. They’ll get you in the workout mood in no time flat. Now there’s nothing keeping you from your home workout! Get started by warming up for about 10 minutes. Learn how to warm up at home here.

Ready? Your sofa and our couch workout are waiting for you!

Our couch workout can be adapted for any fitness level. In each exercise description you’ll find an easier alternative for beginners. And if you have no trouble with the regular version, go for the more difficult version!

Combine these couch exercises into a full-body workout! See how many repetitions you can complete while maintaining good form and try to increase over time.

Couch Workout Plan

ExerciseRepsBreak in secondsSets per exercise
Bulgarian Split Squats10 to 1560 to 903
Decline Push Ups8 to 1260 to 903
Single Leg Sit Squat8 to 1260 to 903
Elevated Side Mountain Climbers10 per side603
Triceps Dips12 to 15603
Elevated Side Plank Hold45 seconds to 1 minute per side603

#1 Bulgarian Split Squats

Bulgarian Split Squats are a more advanced variation of the classic lunge. Place your back leg on your couch to increase your range of movement and make the exercise more intense.

  • Muscles: Thighs, glutes, core
  • Easier: Classic lunge without the couch
  • Harder: Increase your Time Under Tension. Go low first, then only halfway up, lower down again, and only then do you come up completely.
  • Tips: Keep your hips level and your front knee in line with your foot.

#2 Decline Push Ups

The push-up is a great bodyweight exercise that belongs in every workout plan and is super easy to do at home. To master this variation, you should already know how to do a normal push-up. Find out how to learn push-ups here.

  • Muscles: Chest, triceps, front shoulder, core
  • Easier: Put your hands on the couch instead of your feet.
  • Harder: Alternate lifting your legs while bending your arms.
  • Tips: In the start position, your elbows are right under your shoulders. Make sure your elbows stay close to your body as you lower your body.

#3 Single Leg Sit Squat

The single leg squat requires a lot of strength in your leg muscles, good flexibility, and a lot of stability. The lower your couch, the more difficult the exercise.

  • Muscles: Thighs, glutes, core
  • Easier: Grab a chair with a higher seat or complete an air squat with both legs.
  • Harder: Try to do your pistol squats without the couch for support.
  • Tips: Extend your arms forward for better balance.

#4 Elevated Side Mountain Climbers

This exercise will make your core muscles burn and melt lots of calories away.

  • Muscles: Core, shoulder
  • Easier: Put your hands on the couch instead of your feet.
  • Harder: Add a push up while bringing your knee up sideways.
  • Tips: Your knee should stay at torso level throughout the movement.

#5 Triceps Dips

Looking for a toned upper body? This bodyweight exercise targets the back of your upper arms.

  • Muscles: Triceps
  • Easier: Bend your legs.
  • Harder: Place a heavy book on your hips.
  • Tips: Keep your pelvis close to the couch. At the lowest point, your elbows should form a 90-degree angle.

#6 Elevated Side Plank Hold

The side plank hold is a static move that improves your core and shoulder stability. Do both sides right after each other.

  • Muscles: Core, shoulder
  • Easier: Put your elbows on the couch.
  • Harder: Lift your upper leg as well.
  • Tips: Keep your elbow right under your shoulder.

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