Tornador I

Tornador I - Have you ever done an AMRAP? How many rounds can you manage in 10 minutes? You are your own competition! Let's go!
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Weight Loss
Full Body
up to 30 min

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Tornador I is a full-body AMRAP workout for beginners which takes the form of circuit training.

AMRAP stands for “as many rounds as possible.” The aim of this workout is to complete as many rounds of the exercises as possible in the given time. You only spend 10 minutes working out. Do all 4 exercises one after the other. You and your body decide whether you need a break.

This workout turns your fat burning on full blast. Set a timer for 10 minutes and get going! Make a note or keep a tally sheet showing how many rounds you complete. That way you can keep track of whether you’ve improved and finished more full circuits. Make sure you are doing each exercise cleanly.

And don’t forget to warm up well before you start training. Have fun with our workout.

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Tornador I
1. Knee Push-Ups
5 reps
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This foodspring video shows you how to do knee push-ups correctly. This easy exercise is especially good for beginners, as it puts about 50% less weight on the upper body and arms. The most important thing is to follow the same rules as for classic push-ups. Make sure you keep your back, abs, and glutes tight the whole time.
2. Alternating Lunges
20 reps (10/leg)
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This foodspring video shows you how to do alternating lunges correctly. Forward lunges are a great workout for your leg muscles. The focus here is on the quads and the glutes. Stand up straight and set your feet hip-width apart. Step one foot to the front and bend your knee, which will lift your back heel off the floor. Make sure your upper body stays upright and doesn't lean forward. Bring your leg back to your body and start the whole thing again with your other leg.
3. Foot Tap Crunches
15 reps
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This foodspring video shows you how to do foot tap crunches (a.k.a. heel touch crunches, a.k.a. toe tap crunches) correctly. This variation targets the oblique abs. Start in the crunch position, shoulder blades off the floor. Move from one side to the other, using your right hand to touch your right shoe, then your left hand to touch your left shoe. Your upper body should move towards the side along with each arm.
4. Front Jumping Jacks
20 reps
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This foodspring video shows you how to do front jumping jacks correctly. Front jumping jacks are also called seal jumping jacks. Start with your arms stretched in front of you at shoulder height. As you jump into the air, spread your feet far apart. Meanwhile, open your arms. As you jump your feet together, bring your arms together in front of you as if you're going to clap. This is an effective full-body exercise.
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