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Boxing, Yoga or CrossFit?
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For fitness fans, routines are part of everyday life: after all, you can only achieve your sporting goals if you keep working at them. Sometimes though, a routine becomes part of the daily grind. You take the train to the gym at the same time every day, store your things in the same locker as usual and pray that the squat rack you like is free. So why does it feel like something’s missing? It’s possible that the answer lies in the stars. We realize that for science fans, this could be hard to get your head around. Let us explain the reasoning for this, though.

There could be a sport just waiting for you that suits you even better and gives you fresh motivation! Of course, you could try the next class at your gym or sign up at your local sports club just a bike ride away, but we think your star sign might just point you in the right direction. We asked Zurich-based astrology expert Alexandra Kruse which character traits make up the 12 signs and worked together with Alexandra to find sports to match each star sign. Learn something new about yourself or just step out of your comfort zone and try something new. And don’t worry, your favorite gym locker will still be waiting for you if it doesn’t work out!

That’s not to say that everyone with the same zodiac sign has the same characteristics, likes and interests. Astrology takes the whole birth chart into account, which offers a holistic picture and is meant to reflect the unique character of each person. The “Big 3” are the sun, the moon and the ascendant. Our recommendations are based on your sun sign, however if you know your moon and ascendant sign, you should also take inspiration from them.


Determined, self-confident, energetic and always wanting your own way, as an Aries you love competition. As the first zodiac sign in the astrological year, you want to get things moving and you’re full of drive. That’s why Alexandra recommends sports that allow you to let off steam and burn off some energy. Boxing and basketball awaken your fighting spirit and if you really want to challenge yourself, a Hyrox competition is just the thing for you.


As a patient, loyal and down-to-earth Taurus, it takes a lot to ruffle your feathers and as an earth zodiac sign, you feel most comfortable in nature. So endurance sports such as hiking, jogging and cycling out in fresh air could have been made for you. You place great value on the finer things in life, but this often goes hand in hand with comfort, which can sometimes get in the way of your motivation. Because of this, it can be helpful to get a training partner on board. Feeling good also means not being hungry, so treat yourself to a satisfying snack before you exercise, like our most chocolaty protein bar. This will help you take that vital step out of your comfort zone.


Variety and curiosity are Gemini characteristics, so sport should always present new challenges and demands on your body as well as your mind. Solo sports are generally less suitable for Geminis, Alexandra emphasizes. Since you’re particularly sociable and like to be part of a group, it might be worth giving dancing a chance. You’ll constantly need to learn new choreography and you’ll also get a workout at the same time. The rapid back and forth of tennis can also be right up your street, as can intense HIIT circuit training. As an air zodiac sign, our expert recommends you train outside from time to time.


Sensitive and emotional, Cancerians have a strong need to feel safe and often act on their gut feelings. A strong core will help you feel confident and strong in the face of everyday challenges and fulfill that need. Our 7 day core challenge and skipping will strengthen your core, as will swimming, which will make you feel doubly comfortable in your zodiac element, water. To build a deeper connection with yourself, balance your body and mind with some Pilates.


Self-confident, lively and constantly active, Leos don’t need any motivation. You’re energetic to the core and always ready to push yourself to the limit, to give it your all and infect others with your motivation. Sports that mean you can playfully engage with others, like kickboxing or field hockey, will allow you to test your limits and push your teammates right along with you. Being a fire sign, you should definitely give hot yoga a try.


If it were up to you, everything would be goal-oriented and efficient, giving you the opportunity to keep everything under control despite exhausting yourself in the process. So functional training, which aims to optimize movement sequences for everyday life, is a great fit for you. Classic strength training in the gym with a training plan could also be a good choice. Add in a smartwatch or ring to track progress, because you’re someone who likes to avoid chaos at all costs. Another workout that’s super efficient? A short but intense Tabata workout.


As a Libra, you perform well in a team, but you also tend to want to please others rather than yourself, so Alexandra recommends trying sports where you can take care of yourself in equal measure. Spinning is a good option because even though you’re focusing on yourself, you’ve got company. If you really want to take care of yourself for a change, our 21-day total body challenge can help you stay focused. To switch things up, you could pursue your preference for the beautiful and aesthetic things in life with a barre session.


Strong-willed Scorpios are the best example of the saying “still waters run deep.” Our expert knows you’re not a fan of superficial small talk. In sports, too, you like to go more in depth. Just scratching the surface is not for you—you really like to reach your limits. CrossFit, martial arts such as judo or even an intensive bootcamp will give you the chance to really push yourself and prove your endurance. Our full body medicine ball workout will also offer you the intensity you’re looking for.


As a dynamic and curious Sagittarius, you’re continually striving for a feeling of freedom. “Since Sagittarians are fundamentally optimistic, they’re particularly good at motivating others,” stresses Kruse. According to the motto higher, faster, further, challenges like Spartan race obstacle courses can fulfill your need for new adventures. Athletic sports like running, jumping and throwing are also suitable for you. Our plyo-box workout is one not to miss.


As a relatively minimalist Capricorn, you’re good at concentrating hard and you’re very determined, so you’re drawn to sports you can devote yourself to and which lead to a concrete goal and successes. You’re not one for lots of frills and paraphernalia, so Kruse recommends climbing, calisthenics or cross-country skiing.


Original, creative, gregarious and independent. These are powerful personality traits, but sometimes they get in the way of each other. It can be hard to combine expressing your creativity with your desire for group cohesion, so workouts that have a group dynamic but still allow everyone to express themselves individually are perfect. Spinning accommodates these needs well, and aerial yoga and even pole dancing allow you to bring out your creativity and get inventive and think outside the box.


Pisces act intuitively and are very sensitive and receptive to emotions and moods. Sports that help you stay focused and don’t throw you off track mostly take place in, or on, your element of water. Surfing or, in keeping with your gentle nature, SUP yoga can be exciting challenges for you. Burn energy rowing in a team or solo, whether you’re on the water or on a rowing machine.

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