A 6 Week Exercise and Nutrition Plan for Major Muscle Building

2023 is going to be all about hitting new PRs. Here’s how.
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You’ve been weightlifting for a couple years now and it’s going well. Maybe even better than well. Steadily, the kilos you shimmy onto the barbell have gone up. You’ve got to nab them from all over the gym floor when you’re doing deadlifts. Everytime you train with dumbbells, you move further right down the rack to heavier weights. Not to mention your squat form is a thing of beauty.

That’s what we love to hear.

But you may be feeling like the time is right to take a big step forward. If that’s where you are in your training journey, have we got a plan for you. The Ultimate Muscle Building Program is six weeks of workouts and nutrition designed by experts to get strong and big—in all the right places. You’ll hit the gym four days a week, and have two days of active recovery to support all-around health. Not only that. Our world-class nutrition experts lay out the scientific method to support your strong body goals. No gimmicks or fads here. But you’re going to eat a lot of protein.Download your free muscle building guide now

We’ve given you step-by-step instructions and videos so you can hit the weight room with confidence. The workouts are straightforward, yes, but they’re far from easy. (But you didn’t come here for easy.) You’ll start out workouts with a straight set, followed by a superset, and ending with a cash-out. The cash-out is your exit fee for the session. And it’s where your limits get pushed. To give you a taste, here are the moves you’ll do on your chest and back day:

Straight set: Bench press

Superset: dumbbell flyes and bent-over rows

Cash-out: max out pull-ups and push-ups

Of course, the goal isn’t to wreck you—it’s to build strength for life. So we’ve also included warm-up and cool-down moves, plus recovery recommendations to make sure you’re always ready for the next one.

And when it comes to nutrition, we’ve got you covered, with macros breakdowns, supplement explainers, and food-as-medicine ideas to help you thrive.

If this is for you, let’s get going. A little too hard-core? We’ve got a specially designed The Starter Guide to Strength Training that breaks things down to build a base of strength and give you confidence in the gym. Or maybe you’ve been wanting to change your body composition. Check out Strength Training Plan For a Leaner, Fitter You.

Let’s get moving. Download the free plan here.

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