To Get Strong, Your Life Needs More Dumbbells. And This Plan.

We’ve made it simple to hit the weight room with this 6 week program designed for beginners.
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When it comes to fitness, it’s hard not to love a class. For starters, you only need to bring yourself—the studio supplies the rest. Plus, you don’t have to think far ahead. No need to decide what area of the body you’re going to focus on that day, what weights or tools you’ll use, or how the sessions build on one another. The individual workouts are expert-designed by their trainers and instructors, and all you have to really do is show up.

But to be honest, we can’t do pilates six days a week. (No offense to pilates.) Same goes for indoor cycling, bootcamp, yoga—really any single activity. A necessary component in so many people’s fitness life is weight lifting. Not incidental weightlifting in the midst of a HIIT scorcher. Strictly. Lifting. Weights. It’s hard to overstate how important it is. For starters, weight lifting builds muscle which is key for things like improving body composition, maintaining a healthy metabolism, and helping keep your bones strong. It also creates a foundation for all of the other sports and activities you want to do. Playing tennis or football, going for long runs or doing sprint work, even pilates (we see you, pilates!) can benefit from building muscle. So we wanted to take the guesswork out of weight training and make it just as easy as showing up for a class.Download The Starter Guide for Strength Training

This four- or six-week plan that you can download here is total body. No area is the MVP. That’s because our experts wanted to help you build all-over strength. And there’s no guesswork. We’ve created an easy-to-follow weekly calendar that’s easy to print out or screengrab so that you can show up to the gym and know exactly what you’re going to do. Plus, the downloadable plan includes step-by-step directions for performing each move and accompanying videos to make sure you not only know what to do, but how to do it. And we kept it mercifully simple, with sets and reps that are easy to follow. It’s just supersets—meaning doing two moves, back to back, that complement each other—and then a tri-set finisher (same idea, but with three moves instead of two).

Here’s a sample of the exercises you’ll perform in a session:

Superset 1: Romanian deadlifts and pistol squats on the bench

Superset 2: Dumbbell pullovers and single-leg hip thrusts

Tri-set: Medicine ball slams, reverse lunges, and supermans

Your new weight lifting plan should entail taking a look at your diet, too. And the nutrition experts here at foodspring have got you covered. Of course, we’re going to make sure you’re getting enough protein, which is the building block for muscle. And no guesswork here, either. We’ll tell you exactly how much protein to aim for when you’re using this plan. If you think we’re going to force plain dry chicken on you every day, think again. Our nutrition plan is about getting all the macronutrients—fat, protein, and carbs—plus all the nutrients that come from fresh foods that keep our bodies humming along. And it’s designed to accommodate your diet, however you eat. Vegans, we’re looking at you!

To help you get all the nutrition you need, we’ve offered some suggestions from our foodspring line, including:

Whey Protein

Vegan Protein

Energy Aminos

Knowing how to weave them into your diet is just a download away. So check out The Starter Guide for Strength Training. We can’t wait to get strong with you.

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