Try This 20-minute Total Body Blast

Build both upper and lower body strength with this speedy bodyweight workout.
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Build both upper and lower body strength with this speedy bodyweight workout.


This 20-minute total body blast is a full-body workout for beginners. It trains all your large muscle groups.

The workout is based on the classic muscle-building system that relies on repetitions. Depending which muscles are being targeted, you’ll do between 12 and 15 repetitions of each exercise. Complete all exercises one after the other. Start with 12 beginner burpees, then 12 sumo air squats […]. If you need a short break between the different exercises, take it. Between each round (6 exercises) take a break of up to 2 minutes. Repeat the circuit 3 times.

Always make sure that your exercise is clean and controlled and keep your body under tension. If the beginner burpees are too easy for you, you can do basic burpees instead.

Warm up well before you start training! Have fun with our workout.

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    Beginner Burpees

    This foodspring video shows you how to do beginner burpees correctly. Burpees are a workout for the whole body and are one of the most challenging bodyweight exercises. Beginner burpees are a simplified form of these. They leave out the jump and the plank position. However, this doesn’t make the exercise any less difficult.

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    Sumo Air Squats

    This foodspring video shows you how to do sumo air squats correctly. Sumo air squats are squats with feet spread wide apart. Squats are one of the most effective exercises for the legs. They also target and strengthen the glutes, the core, and the hip adductors. Stand with your feet shoulder-width or wider and turn your toes slightly outwards. Bend your knees, bringing your hamstrings downwards and backwards and your arms forward. Stop when you can no longer hold tension in your back. Use the strength of your legs to push yourself back up to standing.

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    Pulse Rows

    This foodspring video shows you how to do pulse rows correctly. Pulse rows work the muscles of your entire back. Lay on your stomach on the floor. Put your arms at your sides, making sure they are straight. Now lift your upper body off the floor (your head stays in a neutral position) and pull your arms as high as you can off the floor. Pull your shoulderblades together.

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    Chest Squeezes

    This foodspring video shows you how to do chest squeezes correctly. This exercise focuses on the pecs. Stand upright. Place your palms together in front of your chest. Slowly move your arms forwards and backwards, keeping your hands pressed together the whole time.

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    Arm Circles

    This foodspring video shows you how to do arm circles correctly. Arm circles are a great exercise for all fitness levels. This exercise works on your entire shoulder musculature. Stand with your feet hip- to shoulder-width apart. Straighten your arms out to the side and circle them to the front. Your arms will stay fully extended for the entire length of the exercise.

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    This foodspring video shows you how to do crunches correctly. This exercise targets the vertical abs. Crunches are a great exercise for beginners. Make sure that only your shoulder blades are coming up off the floor. Your lower back should stay on the floor. Your neck should stay in a neutral position.

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