Reinventing Italian tradition: Bringing pizza to the next level

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Whether it’s fresh out of the oven or yesterday’s leftovers out of the fridge – pizza is always an option. Now, our new protein pizza lets you enjoy pizza without so many carbs!

Want to enjoy pizza just like your favorite Italian? Don’t feel like throwing away your hard-earned body goals. No Problem! We have the perfect solution: Our new protein pizza. It’s full on plant power without soy and gluten and 74% less carbohydrates. Did we also mention that it has 6 times more protein than your conventional pizza.

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Protein Pizza – An italian tradition reinvented

Our new protein pizza gives you more fiber and less carbohydrates.

Instead of white flour, we rely on the power of plants in our protein pizza. Eat pizza whilst do something good for your muscles. Our pizza is vegan and gluten-free: Wondering how?


We have combined the best ingredients to create your soon-to-be new favorite pizza.


Provides you with a good solid dose of fiber and minerals.


Don’t let the small size fool you! Peas have more to offer than you think. Peas are a really good source of protein and pea flour provides you with valuable proteins. Including BCAAs and all the essential amino acids that are important building blocks of your body. Your body by itself cannot produce amino acids, therefore, it is important and necessary that you include them in your diet. 

BCAAs are a key component of the essential amino acids due to the fact that they quickly absorb into the muscles by passing the need to activate the liver all thanks to their branch-chain formation. Think instant power for your muscles.


Just like peas, lentils belong to the legume plant family and should not be underestimated. The goal is to eat a balanced diet and feel good in the long term. Right? In order to do that, we recommend you include a high proportion of legumes in your diet. Lentil flour provides you with an extra portion of protein, fiber and minerals. Lentils are a real power punch nutrient packet.


Don’t be fooled by the hidden gem of pumpkin. Hint. it’s in the pulp. Though small, pumpkin seeds can provide you with lots of protein and a good dose of iron.

How do you correctly make and bake pizza dough?

Fridge is empty and  no supermarket nearby? No problem.

All you need is water. Stir the mix with lukewarm water. Knead it until the dough has an even consistency. Let the dough sit for 10 minutes. Roll out the pizza dough and bake for 15 to 20 minutes without toppings. Then top up the pizza with your favourite toppings according to your taste and bake it again for 10 to 15 minutes. (Times vary slightly pending on the strength of your oven).

Our favorite recipes

Need a little inspiration to take your pizza experience to the next level? Here are two of our favorite recipes (even something sweet!)

Pizza Margherita

Simplicity at its best. Our protein pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil. The Traditional Italian classic redefined.


Did you know that Pizza Margherita was named after the 19th-century Italian queen? It was her favourite choice of the three options of the time.


Have a craving for something sweet? Our tip: Save some of the pizza dough and use it to make yourself a nice little sweet pizza.

rezept suesse protein pizza

Spread the dough with our Protein Cream Cocos Crisp and top the whole thing with your favorite fruits. Pizza can be the starter, the main meal or even dessert! This is exactly how we like it.

Get the exact recipes here.

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