Healthy Snacks and Drinks for the Biggest American Football Night of the Year

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It’s almost that time of year! The Big Game at State Farm Stadium is taking place on Sunday night, over 12th and 13th February. Many fans from all over the world will watch the biggest American football event live on TV. It won’t just be American football enthusiasts, but music fans too who’ll get their money’s worth. They are looking forward to the impressive halftime show: this year R&B and pop singer Rihanna will perform and there may be other surprise guests too.

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What can’t be missed during the biggest American football event of the year? Exactly — delicious food, preferably “American style” and some refreshing drinks! In the U.S., more junk food is consumed on the day of the game than on any other day of the year. According to the National Chicken Council , last year approx. 1.42 billion chicken wings were eaten. If you lined up all these chicken wings, they would stretch three times around the globe. Barbecue food, nachos, burgers and pizza are also very popular among football fans. But fast food doesn’t always have to be unhealthy! We’ve got some healthy recipes for The Big Game that are perfect for this American sporting event. They taste delicious, and are packed with nutrients and protein to boot.

Savory Snacks

Where would an American football party be without chicken wings and pizza? Here are our fitness-friendly versions for a fabulous evening with friends.

Crispy Oven Fried Chicken

a plate of crispy oven fried chicken with a bowl of slaw

This oven fried chicken is given a boost of fiber and protein by using our Protein Pizza Mix instead of flour. Toasting the breadcrumbs before using them as a coating helps them get that super golden appearance and toasty flavor. We serve this with a zingy shredded vegetable slaw, dressed with lemon juice for a fresh, light flavor.

Vegan Chilli Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Vegan Chilli Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

A quick chilli, made with kidney beans and tinned tomatoes, is a great recipe to know off by heart for when you need a quick and satisfying dinner. You can serve it so many ways – over rice, in tacos or enchiladas. One of our favourite things to do with it is to serve the vegan chilli stuffed into roasted sweet potatoes with a spoonful of vegan yogurt and some fresh coriander on top.

Celeriac Rosti

celeriac rosti with pork ragu

These grated potato and celeriac rosti are crispy and full of flavour!

Snacks for a Sweet Tooth

Sweet snacks don’t have to contain added sugar, and they don’t have to be high in calories either. Want to know more? Give our recipes a go!

Cheat’s Caramel Cheesecake Doughnuts

cheat's caramel cheesecake doughnuts in a tray

You can make these salted caramel cheesecake doughnuts in under 10 minutes, without deep-frying or having to make bread dough. We pan fry small, fluffy bread rolls in some butter, coat in cinnamon-sugar and stuff with our salted caramel protein cream.

Protein Bar Rocky Road

Protein bar rocky road with almonds and marshmallows, sliced©foodspring

Homemade protein bar rocky road! A dark chocolate base filled with marshmallows, toasted almonds and chopped protein bars for a crunchy, chewy sweet delight. Super easy to make and perfect for solving any chocolate cravings.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks with a Protein Shot

The most popular drinks at the biggest night in American footballl include beer, soda and whiskey, according to search results on the German eBay site. If you want to steer clear of alcohol on the night so you’re fit and healthy the next day, but also want a little treat for your muscles, we’ve got the perfect drinks for you.

Frozen Virgin Margaritas (High Protein)


What’s better on a hot day then a cooling frozen virgin margarita made high-protein using our lemonade clear whey protein! The clear whey provides a sweet-sour lemony base to which we add lime juice for tang, orange juice for sweetness and matcha powder for an earthy brightness. Blended with ice cubes for that classic frozen cocktail vibe, minus the alcohol!

Non-Alcoholic Raspberry Mojito Cocktail Recipe

Alcohol-free Raspberry Mojito recipe

Lounging in your living room sipping cocktails: sounds like a truly relaxing evening! Our Raspberry Mojito is alcohol-free, high in protein and brilliantly fruity. By making a homemade sugar-free raspberry syrup, we raise this refreshing summer drink to the next level.

Watermelon Sour Cocktail 

Non-alcoholic Watermelon Sour Cocktail with Clear Whey Protein Powder

This non-alcoholic Watermelon Sour Cocktail is a dream come true, with a fruity lemonade flavor and refreshing watermelon. Our Clear Whey creates a frothy top, just like the sour cocktails mixed with egg whites.

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