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Protein Cream

Hazelnut & whey spread with 85% less sugar*.

4.75/5 6916 Reviews

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32.99€ 750g (43.99 €/1kg)
32.99€ 480g (68.73 €/1kg)
34.99€ 480g (87.48 €/1kg)

85% less sugar

No added sugar**

8x more protein*

For your muscles

No palm oil

Just real, premium ingredients

Sustainable packaging

Good for our planet

Top customers' reviews



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The best things come in pairs

It’s time for double the delicious! Meet our Protein Cream Duo. It’s super creamy, with a delightful double dose of hazelnut and creamy whey. And without any added sugar.** Packed with eight times more protein,* 45% fewer carbs,* and zero palm oil. Plus plastic-free, 100% recyclable packaging!

  • Nuts & chocolate meet smooth creaminess
  • Pure deliciousness without artificial flavours
  • Great as topping or a sweet post-workout protein hit

Meet the whole family!

Hazelnut Protein Cream

Hazelnut Protein Cream

So creamy, so chocolately

Can't choose just one flavour? Try them all

Can't choose just one flavour? Try them all

Coconut Crisp Protein Cream

Coconut Crisp Protein Cream

The sweet taste of summer, no matter the season

One spread. Two flavours. A million ways to eat it.

Straight from the jar

Straight from the jar

Whenever you could use a spoonful

On toast

On toast

Tastes great on toasted Protein Bread

As a topping

As a topping

Simply irresistible with Protein Pancakes

As a dip

As a dip

The perfect complement for Protein Brownies

Info (Protein Cream - Hazelnut & Whey Duo)

Hazelnut and sweet whey spread with whey protein. With sweetener.


Rapeseed oil, sweetener (maltitol), whey proteins (from milk) (25%), sweet whey powder (from milk) (7%), cocoa butter, hazelnuts (6.5%), fat-reduced cocoa powder (3.2%), emulsifier (lecithins), natural vanilla flavouring.
May contain other nuts.


Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.

Nutritional values per 100g
Energy2197 kJ / 530 kcal
Fat39 g
of which saturated fatty acids 7.8 g
Carbohydrates33 g
of which sugars 7.1 g
Protein 21 g
Salt 0.22 g


4.75 / 5
6916 Reviews

100% genuine reviews

1 - 10 of 6916 Reviews



Riquísima, a pensar de tener mucho menos azúcar está muy buena. Todo un acierto.
Flavour: Hazelnut



Buonissima! Una delle migliori creme proteiche in commercio.. È già la seconda volta che ordino il pacco da 6, è diventata una dipendenza!
Flavour: Salted Caramel



Crema buonissima! Rende i miei spuntini piacevoli!
Flavour: Hazelnut


Love the product!

Tastes great and love the crunchy chunks!
Flavour: Crunchy Hazelnut & Coconut



je trouve aussi cette pâte excellente, je les aimes toutes d'ailleurs, j'aimerais revoir la pâte protéinée crunchy qui était excellente aussi mais en durée limitée
Flavour: Hazelnut


un plaisir

j'adore la noix de coco, cette pâte protéinée est excellente, je la conseille vivement
Flavour: Coconut Crisp



mon fils et moi même adorons cette pâte, j'aimerais bien le retour des ventes limitées car les parfums étaient originaux et bons (pistache, croquants au dessus)
Flavour: Salted Caramel

Nejia Sarah


É la crema proteica più buona che io abbia mai mangiato!!! L’ho finita in tre giorni e ora sto ordinando la seconda!!! Mai più senza!
Flavour: Salted Caramel


Je n'est pas aimé

Je la trouve fade, sans goût. Je goûterai coco et en revanche j'aime bien caramel
Flavour: Hazelnut & Whey



Un pur plaisir ! La noisette se sent très bien. J'adore en mettre avec mes overnight, une tartine. Bravo pource top mélange!
Flavour: Hazelnut & Whey

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Hazelnut & Whey Duo Protein Cream be so tasty without any added sugar? ​
Most conventional spreads have tons of sugar. (Yuck.) We chose maltitol instead. It’s 75-80% as sweet as sugar, but with a fraction of the calories. And what’s more, our Hazelnut & Whey Duo Protein Cream is filled with whey protein, good fats, cocoa, and coconuts. You get no ​calories from added sugar, more calories from protein, and good saturated fats. 
Wait a minute. What’s going on with the fat content?
Our main goal was to create a totally tasty, super creamy hazelnut & whey spread with no added sugar. To ensure the creaminess we know you all love, we needed fat, because it’s the source of the creaminess. But for environmental reasons we decided to go for sunflower oil instead of palm oil.
Why do you use maltitol?
Maltitol is a sugar alcohol that has almost the exact same properties as sugar, just with way fewer calories. Sugar alcohols occur naturally in fruits and veggies. And unlike sugar, maltitol doesn’t cause cavities. So you get a Protein Cream that’s deliciously sweet, without all the unpleasantness of sugar.
So why no palm oil?​
We chose not to use palm oil because the cultivation of the plant it comes from contributes to the destruction of rain forests around the world, which in turn endangers the lives of lots of animals.  It would be hard for us to enjoy our Hazelnut & Whey Duo Protein Cream if we knew it was doing so much bad stuff. No thanks!  Duo’s delightfully creamy texture comes from sunflower oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil.
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