Protein Cream: probably the most delicious dose of protein you’ll ever lick off a spoon

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Are you in the mood for something sweet, but not your usual, unhealthy sugar bomb? Our Protein Cream gives you a big dose of protein without any added sugar**. Snack healthier! Available in several mouthwatering flavors. Find your favorite now.

Day and night. Yin and yang. High tide and low tide. Everything has its opposite. And so does our new flavor of Protein Cream. It’s a deliciously decadent caramel with a hint of salt – the perfect pairing of sweet and salty. Get your hands on a jar of our new Salted Caramel Protein Cream – available now, for a limited time.

A new flavor with all the same benefits you know and love. 45 percent fewer carbs; 7x as much protein as conventional caramel spreads. Our Protein Cream doesn’t have any secrets to hide, either: There’s no added sugar**, and no palm oil. We use sunflower oil and cocoa butter to get our perfectly creamy consistency.

A jar of Salted Caramel Protein Cream sits on a beige surface. Behind the jar is a glass pedestal holding a stack of Protein Pancakes topped with fresh berries and a generous smear of Salted Caramel Protein Cream, oozing over the edges of the top pancake.

What’s so special about our Protein Cream?

Our Protein Cream tastes amazing. It’s just the thing when you’re looking to indulge in a tasty treat without breaking any of your nutrition goals. Try it for yourself. We know it’ll be love at first bite.

No Palm Oil

No need to feel guilty about the environment – because there’s no palm oil in any of our Protein Creams. Our Product Development team has found an ideal mix of sunflower oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil for ultimate creaminess.

An extra portion of protein

Our Protein Cream delivers on its promises with at least 3x more protein.* Never give your muscles a break: Whey protein concentrate provides you with important, immediately available BCAAs. An amazing energy kick for your muscles!***

No added sugar

85% less sugar.* Our Protein Cream goes the distance with no sugar added.** We’ve opted for maltitol instead. These sugar alcohols naturally occur in small amounts in fruit and vegetables. What makes them really special is that they have a lower calorie value than sugar in the same amounts. That’s because our bodies can’t metabolize them fully. This also means they don’t have the same strong effects on blood sugar levels or insulin production and are mostly independent of insulin. This saves your body the drama of blood sugar highs and lows.

What else can you use our Protein Cream for?

Do you keep hitting roadblocks on the path to your feel-good body? Now you can treat yourself to the creamiest snacks while still sticking on track with your goals. How can you use our Protein Cream?

  • On a spoon: As a temptingly tasty sweet snack for in-between meals
  • As a topping: Melt the cream on fresh waffles or pancakes
  • In yogurt: For extra sweetness and flavor.
  • For baking: That secret ingredient to add a certain something to your cakes, cupcakes, etc.

Have you heard all you need to know about how to use our Protein Cream? Time to try one of our favorite recipes – gathered together just for you!

Our favorite recipes

No-Bake Salted Caramel Cups

Creamy caramel unites with rich dark chocolate. Crunchy cookies give that extra crunch. Our recipe for salted caramel cups is fabulously easy, doesn’t need an oven, and simply must be tasted to be believed.

A stack of No-Bake Salted Caramel Cups on a white plate. The top caramel cup has a bite taken out of it, showing the soft protein cream oozing out of it.


No-Bake Salted Caramel Cheesecakes

Salted Caramel Protein Cream sets this cheesecake recipe head and shoulders above the crowd. This one is also a no-bake recipe, one which does best when prepared the day before.

No-Bake Salted Caramel Cheesecakes sitting on a white plate drizzled with caramel protein cream


Salted Caramel Brownies

Healthy brownies topped with a dollop of our newest Protein Cream. Extra caramelly and irresistibly delicious. You simply must give this combo a try.

Salted Caramel Brownies dripping with liquefied salted caramel protein cream


Coconut Crisp Protein Cream – Pure summer all year round!

Did you know that coconut is a superfood? It sure is. It provides you with the right portion of fiber that your body needs. It’s full of vitamins and minerals, and only contains natural sugar. It’s the feeling of summer condensed into a flavor.

a jar of foodspring's Coconut Crisp Protein Cream on a background of halved coconuts

Real coconut – real coconut flavor. Real coconut flakes give you that extra crunch with every bite. Our Protein Cream is creamy and crunchy and super versatile. It’s not only meant for your bread. Try it in so many other ways! Here are a few of our favorite Coconut Crisp Protein Cream recipes…

Protein Coconut Balls

Our very favorite coconut balls. The almond center provides an amazing double crunch effect! These power balls will bring you back to beach feelings with a few quick steps, and no  added sugar.

a plate of Coconut Balls made with Coconut Crisp Protein Cream


Coconut-Lemon Protein Cupcakes

Coconut, paired with lemon, is like being on vacation! Our lemon-coconut protein cupcakes, with coconut frosting, are the moistest and tastiest.

A plate of coconut-lemon protein cupcakes made with Coconut Crisp Protein Cream


Chocolate Coconut Protein Bars

A stack of pieces of coconut-chocolate almond bars made with foodspring Protein Cream

Nothing beats the combination of chocolate and coconut. The bitter taste of dark chocolate meets the sweet taste of protein cream.
Freeze it: The perfect chocolate bar and you don’t even need an oven.


Hazelnut Protein Cream: The tried and true

Are you just in the mood for something traditional? Head straight for the classic. Our Hazelnut Protein Cream is just the thing for you.

Two jars of Protein Cream - one hazelnut, one coconut - sit in front of a light blue background. There are a few whole hazelnuts next to the hazelnut protein cream, and half a coconut next to the coconut protein cream. In front of each protein cream is a wooden spoon with a dollop of each respective protein cream.

Try our Hazelnut Protein Cream

*compared to conventional chocolate-nut creams

**contains naturally occurring sugars

***proteins contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass

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